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  • I Interviewed at Microsoft

    I Interviewed at Microsoft

    My name is Eva Williams, and I interviewed at Microsoft for a product manager position. I was living in Boston, having gone back to school there (after four years of working as a management consultant) to get my master's in business administration. I learned about the Microsoft job opportunity through the... Continue Reading

  • Now Hiring: Microsoft Adding Thousands

    Now Hiring: Microsoft Adding Thousands

    It's a great time for techies. First Google announces they're hiring 6,000, and now Microsoft says they want to add an additional 2,400 software engineer and research positions by the end of the year, according to a recent post on Those jobs will be located all over the world, and will be filled as... Continue Reading

  • Microsoft On A Roll: Hiring in Sales

    Microsoft On A Roll: Hiring in Sales

    Microsoft, which already employs 36,000 salespeople in the United States alone, is hiring more people around the nation, reports Shareen Pathak in Microsoft is on a roll. Last week it announced at 51 percent increase in profits. Also, Microsoft has plenty new to sell, including Internet... Continue Reading