Managing Email

  • 5 Ways To Get Fewer Emails (Finally)

    5 Ways To Get Fewer Emails (Finally)

    By Laura Roeder This probably isn't the first article you've read about taming the email beast. You know all about categorizing, filtering, batching your time, etc., etc. But no matter how savvy your email system is, managing your inbox is still attacking the symptom, not the problem. What if you just got less... Continue Reading

  • How To Manage Email Overload

    How To Manage Email Overload

    By John Sumser I don't know about you, but my inbox has been backing up at an alarming rate. Where I could once pare it down to a half-dozen pieces that were well worth procrastinating, my email backlog is often several weeks old. I tend to glance at them when they come in, and then mull over the transaction... Continue Reading