Obama Campaign Calls Out Romney's '12 Million Jobs' Plan As Phony

Obama Campaign Calls Out Romney's '12 Million Jobs' Plan As Phony

In the last debate, President Obama took a lot of flak from his base for failing to pounce on what they saw as Mitt Romney's endless fibbing. And it seems this time, the Obama camp is on the offensive, seizing on a scathing Washington Post analysis, published this morning, that gave Romney's jobs plan "four... Read More »

1 White Lie Allowed On Resumes

1 White Lie Allowed On Resumes

Q: I was just fired from my job. I am at a bit of a loss on how to move on from here. I had been out of work for five months prior to this position and worked there for 2.5 months before being terminated. In those weeks, I did not rack up any accomplishments I would typically list in a resume. Should I... Read More »

Infamous Resume Lies

Infamous Resume Lies writer OK, while it's not quite a "crime" (more like a misdemeanor), resume lies -- and those who tell them -- don't fare well in the working world. Yet somehow, these seemingly harmless untruths are still making their way onto paper and into the hands of future employers. Although just... Read More »

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