Jobs For Vets

  • Jobless Rate for Gulf Vets Edges Down

    Jobless Rate for Gulf Vets Edges Down

    Finally, they seem to be winning their latest battle

    The shocking rate of unemployment among America’s youngest veterans is finally seeing some improvement, according to the latest figures from the government. Continue Reading

  • Top Reason Employers Don't Hire Veterans

    Top Reason Employers Don't Hire Veterans

    By Brent Rasmussen, president, CareerBuilder North America The unemployment rate for veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq, though declining, is still considerably higher than the general population's rate. While military veterans possess a great deal of the business-friendly skills that employers look for in... Continue Reading

  • Green Jobs for Veterans [Video]

    Green Jobs for Veterans [Video]

    In an effort to combine solutions for two national concerns in one program, "Troops for Energy Jobs" is attempting to link thousands of future job openings in the energy industry with troops leaving military service. The pilot program, sponsored by Dominion, will last approximately two years and will be... Continue Reading

  • Great Source of Jobs for Vets and Families

    Great Source of Jobs for Vets and Families

    The transition from a military to a civilian job is tough on the veterans themselves, but it can also be difficult for their spouses, dependents and caregivers. That's why the DirectEmployers Association, a non-profit consortium of over 600 leading U.S. employers, has set up an extensive online program to... Continue Reading

  • 100,000 Jobs for Vets

    100,000 Jobs for Vets

    Eleven major U.S. firms have joined together in a pledge to hire 100,000 veterans and military personnel after they've finished serving the country over the next several years. Huge corporations such as JPMorgan Chase, AT&T, Verizon and Cisco are among those participating. JPMorgan Chase is leading the... Continue Reading