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  • 100 Fastest Growing Careers

    100 Fastest Growing Careers

    The top 10 fastest growing careers in the next eight years shouldn't surprise anyone who has paid attention to news on where the jobs are, even during the recession. Half of the top 10 are in medical fields, with home health aides at the top with 48 percent growth projected through 2018 and 103,050 annual job... Continue Reading

  • Six Biggest Business Blunders

    Six Biggest Business Blunders

    Have you ever been in a situation at work where you said something and knew right away that you made a major faux pas? While it can be tough to be on your absolute best behavior 24 hours a day, there are some major etiquette blunders that you must avoid if you want to achieve professional success. Jodi R.R.... Continue Reading

  • Nine Little-Known Ways to Advance Your Career

    Nine Little-Known Ways to Advance Your Career

    By Robert Half International Setting long-term goals and creating a plan for achieving them are important for career growth, but small changes to your daily routine can have a big impact on your professional prospects, too. Following are nine simple 'yet often overlooked' actions that can help you advance... Continue Reading

  • Five Tips for Making a Career Comeback

    Five Tips for Making a Career Comeback

    By Robert Half International You left the work force awhile ago - perhaps to raise a family, travel the world or earn another degree - and now you're ready to return. You're excited to begin exploring new employment opportunities but also realize that landing a job may not be easy. With no recent work... Continue Reading

  • Excelling at the Entry Level

    Excelling at the Entry Level

    By Robert Half International After surviving hours of instruction, course work and examinations, you've finally earned your diploma and are anxious to launch your career. You have the skills and knowledge to land a great job and establish yourself as a bona fide professional. But don't set your sights on a... Continue Reading

  • 10 Reasons You're Not Getting Promoted

    10 Reasons You're Not Getting Promoted

    By Tag and Catherine Goulet, FabJob.com If you want to move up at work, but you're going nowhere while watching co-workers climb the corporate ladder, it's time to take a hard look at what you might be doing wrong. See if any of the following might be holding you back: Promotion Killer No. 1: You're a... Continue Reading

  • Job Goals for Every Age

    Job Goals for Every Age

    Careerbuilder.com Each decade of life brings a set new of challenges as working professionals move into different phases of both their careers and personal lives. Entering a new decade of life can be a perfect time to take stock of one's situation, reevaluate priorities and set career goals for the years... Continue Reading