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  • Six Job Skills in High Demand

    Six Job Skills in High Demand

    For some time now, U.S. economists have concurred that the United States is in an innovation slump. We have fallen behind other countries in several technological fields, especially drug research and software development. The compensation in fields that require innovation is often significantly higher than... Continue Reading

  • Top Four Industries Hiring May Surprise You

    Top Four Industries Hiring May Surprise You

    Health care, health care, health care, right? Sure, hot hiring trends are typically focused on health care and technology, but how about recreation and day care? Dare we even say construction? There are pockets of expansion within various industries that continue to create a demand for workers. Continue Reading

  • Finance Jobs on the Rise

    Finance Jobs on the Rise

    A whole layer of middle-management finance jobs that were decimated in 2008 and 2009 may be making a comeback. According to Jodi Chavez, senior vice president of Accounting Principals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of staffing firm Adecco, every major industry is in a better hiring position than in 2009. Continue Reading

  • 11 Hot Fields for Hiring in 2011

    11 Hot Fields for Hiring in 2011

    Selena Dehne, JIST Publishing Occupational experts like Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., say that America is climbing out of recession and job opportunities are better now than they've been for a long time. But what does this mean for people hoping to advance their career? What can they do in 2011 to be strong... Continue Reading

  • 10 Industries to Watch

    10 Industries to Watch

    The economy's current state might be better than it was in the tail end of 2008, but it definitely has room for improvement. The unemployment rate cracked 10 percent and companies continue to cut jobs. People want to find jobs now, and understandably so. The march toward recovery is frustratingly slow,... Continue Reading