• 9 Most Secure Jobs In America

    9 Most Secure Jobs In America

    Job security used to mean working at the same company for a lifetime and retiring with a well-funded pension. These days, the concept of a secure job has morphed into something much more fundamental: one that's less susceptible to layoffs. That's obviously more likely if you're employed in an in-demand... Continue Reading

  • 10 Recession-Proof Jobs That Are Hot Right Now [Infographic]

    10 Recession-Proof Jobs That Are Hot Right Now [Infographic]

    Very few industries seem to be hiring in this economy, beyond the much-hyped tech sector. However, there are careers -- many of them that pay well -- that are expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years. Not surprisingly, many of the 10 jobs highlighted in the graphic below involve health care... Continue Reading

  • 10 Industries to Watch

    10 Industries to Watch

    The economy's current state might be better than it was in the tail end of 2008, but it definitely has room for improvement. The unemployment rate cracked 10 percent and companies continue to cut jobs. People want to find jobs now, and understandably so. The march toward recovery is frustratingly slow,... Continue Reading

  • Today's 20 Fastest-Growing Occupations

    Today's 20 Fastest-Growing Occupations

    For the past two years, as job growth has gone from nonexistent to lackluster, workers and job seekers have been waiting to hear good news. Job seekers on all fronts want good news. Unemployed job seekers need to pay the bills and get back in the work force. Employed job hunters want to get out of dead-end... Continue Reading

  • Who Earns More Than The President?

    Who Earns More Than The President?

    President Barack Obama gets a nice little salary. Certainly some CEOs, entrepreneurs and movie stars are earning millions (and in some cases billions) of dollars, so he's by no means the richest person on the planet with his $400,000 annual salary. And he gets some pretty sweet perks -- a fancy plane, an amazing... Continue Reading

  • Cool Jobs in IT/Engineering

    Cool Jobs in IT/Engineering

    Just found this cool new job posting with Major League Baseball Advanced Media Group in New York! What could be more fun than iPhones and baseball? Check out the description below. Job Description The Senior iPhone Engineer will work with a group of engineers responsible for mobile client applications on... Continue Reading