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  • Why UPS Drivers Never Turn Left

    Why UPS Drivers Never Turn Left

    UPS routes package deliveries so that drivers will never turn left. On a two-way street you will see UPS drivers on both sides and both will only be making right hand turns. UPS Senior Vice President Bob Stoffel, in an exclusive interview with Fortune, explained the two reasons behind this practice:... Continue Reading

  • Confessions of a Chauffeur

    Confessions of a Chauffeur

    My name is Matt. Having been a limousine chauffeur for the last four years, I must say it has been a unique career, certainly the most interesting one I have had. At one point I thought about writing a book about the entire experience, but the key to being a good chauffeur is discretion and maintaining the... Continue Reading

  • Why I Like Working at Fedex

    Why I Like Working at Fedex

    Chris had wanted to work for Fedex for a long time. He landed his job as a driver for Fedex through perseverance and persistence. He kept in touch with potential hiring managers for some time before he found out that Fedex was hiring in his area. The interview was cattle-call style. He was one of hundreds of... Continue Reading

  • A Day in the Life of a FedEx Driver

    A Day in the Life of a FedEx Driver

    I have been a FedEx Home Delivery driver for a little more than three years. I am what is called a supplemental driver, meaning I work for a contractor who owns the vehicle I drive. I get paid by the day rather than the hour or by the stop, so no matter how long I work it is the same pay. Some days I get home... Continue Reading

  • Decision Makers: UPS -- What Can Brown Do for You?

    Decision Makers: UPS -- What Can Brown Do for You?

    To many people, UPS is the way to get that almost-late birthday or Christmas gift to arrive on time. Every day the company delivers 15.5 million packages. That's 15.5 million tracking numbers. This takes a lot of manpower, so it should come as no surprise that the company also delivers 408,000 weekly... Continue Reading

  • 20 Best Jobs in Transportation

    20 Best Jobs in Transportation When most people think of jobs in transportation, the first ones that come to mind are pilots, flight attendants or truck drivers. While these jobs make up the majority of the transportation industry, there is more to the sector than meets than eye. Transportation is broken down into two... Continue Reading

  • In Demand: Truck Drivers

    In Demand: Truck Drivers Americans don't like to wait. We like our fruit and meat fresh and our packages delivered overnight. To accommodate our demands for instant delivery, businesses rely on trucks - the only means of transportation that can deliver goods door-to-door - to make sure their products get to the... Continue Reading