• 7 Ways To Become More Creative

    7 Ways To Become More Creative

    Those of you with scouting experience likely remember the myriad tricks used to start campfires. I'm not talking matches -- I'm talking the things you threw a lit match on with the hope of getting a serious enough flame going to eventually light the kindling. In my troop, I have a vague memory of paper egg... Continue Reading

  • Is A Fancy Resume A Waste Of Time?

    Is A Fancy Resume A Waste Of Time?

    By Marian Schembari It's not even big news anymore when someone does something "crazy" to get a job. Whether it's a Google or Facebook advertisement, a shoe in a box, or a resume in Trafalgar Square, job seekers are getting more and more aggressive about standing out. Personally -- and as someone who has... Continue Reading

  • Heading Up? Keep Creative Ideas Under Wraps

    In your gut, you always knew it. Now, it's confirmed. Those who want to reach the top either aren't all that creative, or they're shrewd enough to keep those innovative ideas to themselves. Three research studies by professors at Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Indian School of... Continue Reading