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Where Women Work: 20 Most Common Occupations

Where Women Work: 20 Most Common Occupations

You've Come a Long Way Baby... Or Have You? Think back to the most common jobs that women held in your mom's day, and if that's not far enough back, think about your grandmother. Do secretaries, nurses, teachers and retail sales clerks come to mind? Now think about the most common jobs for women today:... Read More »

Get a Job Managing Jobs: 4 Benefits to Being a Job Coordinator

Get a Job Managing Jobs: 4 Benefits to Being a Job Coordinator

In a time when so many out of work professionals are on the job hunt, more and more people are turning to job coordinators to get a leg up on the competition. Job coordinators help place workers in permanent or temporary positions while also offering résumé services and career counseling. Working... Read More »

Back to Work? The Easiest Positions to Get

Even in a healthy economy, returning to the workforce after being a stay-at-home parent can feel like signing up for a marathon when you haven't so much as stretched a hamstring in years. Yet a spouse's layoff and mounting bills have prompted many at-home parents -- the U.S. Census Bureau reports there are 5.5... Read More »

10 More Jobs You Can Have at Home

How would you like to work from home? No hustling out the door 10 minutes late, no fighting your road rage or battling for the last seat on the train, no fast food lunch and no noisy co-workers. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it? More than ever, workers are attracted to the 30-second commute, thanks to social... Read More »

Top Trends in the Administrative Field

Top Trends in the Administrative Field

Indispensible assistants: Where would we be without them? Firms require administrative talent to support current and new operations that span across regions, time zones and countries. And companies are finding it challenging to locate staff. Unemployment remains low by historical standards, and demand for... Read More »

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