Career Fair

  • How To Prepare For A Career Fair

    How To Prepare For A Career Fair

    By Mona Abdel-Halim As the end of the fall semester approaches, many students and employers begin to think about attending career fairs to connect with one another. These events are particularly important for college seniors graduating in December - but they're also a great way to screen candidates for your... Continue Reading

  • 3 Crucial Career Fair Tips For College Students

    3 Crucial Career Fair Tips For College Students

    So why is the Career Fair so important? After all, most of the time students feel as if they stand in line (sometimes 30 minutes, especially with the larger companies) just to talk to a company representative who then basically tells them to go apply on the website. What a waste of time right? Wrong! Look,... Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Best Job Fairs

    Top 10 Best Job Fairs

    Browsing the classifieds and surfing the Internet can only get you so far when hunting for a new job, so for many, heading out to a job fair to meet face-to-face with potential employers and network with fellow job-seekers is a productive and necessary alternative. Most cities host several local and... Continue Reading

  • Career Fair Survival Guide

    Career Fair Survival Guide

    By Dimitri A.C. Ly, Career Advisor Though a career fair is an excellent opportunity to explore different employment prospects, the sheer number of recruiters and competing job seekers attending the event can make it hard for you to get noticed. Also note that you should set reasonable expectations for yourself... Continue Reading