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  • Making Hard Career Choices

    Making Hard Career Choices

    How to write your own life story

    A philosopher's view on how hard career choices are a Godsend instead of a curse and help us define the life we really want. Continue Reading

  • Don't Want To Be The Boss? What's Next?

    Don't Want To Be The Boss? What's Next?

    Most workers seek a career that progresses upward -- taking them from entry-level employee to midlevel manager to senior leader. But not everyone has dreams of being the boss. Some people enjoy being a producer, rather than a manager; and still, others would rather work in middle management than in the... Continue Reading

  • How I Found A New Career I Love

    How I Found A New Career I Love

    By Melissa Woodson If you're less than thrilled with your job, you're probably looking for a way out. But with today's job market, it may seem impossible to make a career change. I know I thought it was nearly a year ago when I was stuck in a teaching career I just didn't find rewarding. I wanted out, but... Continue Reading

  • Extreme Career Makeovers

    Extreme Career Makeovers

    By Dawn Allcot Unhappy in your career? Struggling to find opportunities in today's economy? You're not alone. The good news is, whatever your age, there's always room for a change. Take it from three vocation adventurers whose back-to-school trek led to an extreme career makeover. Continue Reading

  • Poll: Finances Dictating College, Career Choices

    Poll: Finances Dictating College, Career Choices

    by CONNIE CASS No matter how many subjects they're acing, most college students these days find economics a grind. Tricky financial calculations influence everything from what school they attend and what major they choose to how quickly they finish their degrees - or whether they graduate at all. Money... Continue Reading

  • Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

    Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

    Wouldn't it be great if you could work part-time and still be eligible for company benefits? Well there are plenty of opportunities out there that let you do exactly that. Just because you don't work a 40-hour workweek, doesn't mean you have to sell your soul and come up empty-handed in the benefits... Continue Reading