• Top 10 Worst And Best Jobs This Year

    Top 10 Worst And Best Jobs This Year

    If you've ever watched a TV news reporter deliver a live report and thought, "that'd be a great job," think again. Broadcast journalists, along with their print brethren, newspaper reporters, are among the worst professions in the U.S., according to new survey by One reason those two... Continue Reading

  • Best Jobs for 2010

    Best Jobs for 2010

    When you think of the best jobs in America, visions of travel reporter, video game tester, movie star or ice cream taster might dance through your head, but according to a recent CNN Money report, they best jobs in the nation right now are a little less glamorous--and a lot more satisfying in the long run. The... Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Blue-Collar Jobs of the Future

    Top 10 Blue-Collar Jobs of the Future Competitive wages and predicted industry growth mean the future is looking bright for numerous blue-collar positions. So which manual and technical labor jobs are the most promising? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction and extraction jobs are expected to grow 12 percent by... Continue Reading

  • 25 Best Jobs of 2009

    25 Best Jobs of 2009 Unfortunately, not many people are a stranger to the downward spiraling economy that began in December 2007 and continued to deplete throughout 2008. In fact, November 2008 marked some of worst numbers in decades in terms of job loss: The unemployment rate, for example, hit a 14-year high this... Continue Reading