Undercover Boss

'Undercover Boss' Jeff Platt's Cover Blown, Worker Blasts Sky Zone CEO

The boss gets confronted and called out

An Undercover Boss gets caught in the act when an employee sees right through the disguise and confronts him in a tense showdown Read More »

Busted! 'Undercover Employee' Gets Caught in the Act at PostNet

An 'Undercover Boss' with a twist nobody saw coming

'Undercover Boss' becomes 'Undercover Employee' and this one ends with an unexpected turn of events at PostNet. Read More »

The Tables Turn on 'Undercover Employee'

The Tables Turn on 'Undercover Employee'

Special 'Undercover Boss' episode will send workers into the fray

The latest episode of 'Undercover Boss' will shake up the formula, sending employees undercover to check up on their bosses' new policies. Read More »

Utah Jazz Owner Scores No Slam Dunk as 'Undercover Boss' Features First NBA Franchise

Greg Miller had the time of his life with the Dunk Team

When the basketball team's co-owner took to the court signed with his father's name, the positive energy of the Dunk Team propels him to the hoop. Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Hudson News CEO Joe DiDomizio Gets Barista Trial By Fire

'Undercover Boss': Hudson News CEO Joe DiDomizio Gets Barista Trial By Fire

Enthusiastic Seattle airport worker receives life-saving gift

Hudson News CEO Joe DiDomizio makes things right for a 10-year employee working with carpal tunnel and diabetes. Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Mohegan Sun Chairman Gives Valet Who Flunks Him Life-Changing Gift

'Undercover Boss': Mohegan Sun Chairman Gives Valet Who Flunks Him Life-Changing Gift

Bruce 'Two Dogs' Bozsum rewards single mom $35,000

Melanie teaches the chairman of the Mohegan Sun that being a valet customer doesn't make you a valet driver. Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Family Dollar Stores COO Mike Bloom Gets Fired By Worker For Incompetence

Bloom couldn't hack it as a forklift operator

Usually it's the boss firing a worker. But Family Dollar Stores COO Mike Bloom got the axe after failing as a forklift operator on "Undercover Boss." Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Alfred Angelo President Paul Quentel Gives Wedding Dress To Onetime Homeless Worker

Assistant store manager was forced onto streets for being a lesbian

On "Undercover Boss," Alfred Angelo President Paul Quentel met Leeanne, an assistant store manager in Ohio. And he learns she was once homeless. Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Menchie's CEO Amit Kleinberger Decides To Stick With Rotten Worker

'I am just going to start calling you Jeeves.'

Veterans of Armed Forces are known to appreciate discipline. On "Undercover Boss," Menchie's CEO and vet Amit Kleinberger confronted a worker with none of it. Read More »

'Undercover Boss:' Buffets, Inc., CEO Anthony Wedo Invites Struggling Dishwasher To A Second Serving

Skye is kept on even after a bad performance and attitude

Anthony Wedo has been turning around Buffets, Inc., since he took over. Yet on "Undercover Boss" he met a struggling worker who says he "hates" his job. Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Donatos Owner Jane Grote Abell Fires Worker For Smoking Pot On Job

'Undercover Boss': Donatos Owner Jane Grote Abell Fires Worker For Smoking Pot On Job

Donatos delivery driver Aaron was both a hard worker and a fan of marijuana.

"Undercover Boss" visited Donatos pizza, and found a delivery driver who smokes pot on his route. Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Visual Merchandiser Dresses Down Loehmann's To CEO Steve Newman

Based out of Washington DC, Keisha slams company's "visual merchandising" plan.

Loehmann's CEO Steve Newman appeared on the CBS reality show, "Undercover Boss." He's trying to revitalize the retailer, but his plan was slammed by one worker, Keisha. Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Top Moments From Season 4 [VIDEO]

'Undercover Boss': Top Moments From Season 4 [VIDEO]

Whether you think Undercover Boss is contrived or unvarnished reality, you'll find these 4 moments entertaining -- and a little stunning. Read More »

'Undercover Boss' CEOs Tell What Really Happened After The Show

'Undercover Boss' CEOs Tell What Really Happened After The Show

It's not every day you'll see CEOs getting their hands dirty, working side-by-side with the rank-and-file. But for four years, the CBS show "Undercover Boss" has given viewers that chance, showing 60 top executives doing regular jobs, from flipping hamburgers to installing alarm systems. The show, however, has... Read More »

'Undercover Boss' Reveals The 'Most Generous' CEO Of All

Without fail, the CEOs featured on "Undercover Boss" lavish their employees with extravagant gifts and promotions. But there's been a good deal of skepticism about how genuine these bosses actually are about helping the rank-and-file. This past Friday, the CBS reality series devoted the episode to celebrating... Read More »

'Undercover Boss': What Really Happened To 'Epic Employees'

Both faithful and skeptical viewers of CBS' "Undercover Boss" series might wonder what happens after workers and the CEOs appear on show. Does anything really change? Were they really glad that they appeared on the show? As it wrapped up its fourth season on Friday, CBS aired a special "Epic Employees" episode,... Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Pest Control Exec Makes Employees' Dreams Come True

The cost of paying for their children's college education weighs on most parents, as tuition costs soar and salaries stagnate. But for Paisley, an employee at Orkin Pest Control and resident of Peoria, Ill., the stress was intense: She's the mother of one child and became pregnant with her second just as her... Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Worker Curses, Gets Fired On The Air

Anyone can have a bad day at work, but would you relentlessly belittle customers because of it? And if you did, what would you expect to happen if the boss heard about it? Jacqueline, a front desk manager at a Retro Fitness gym, had the misfortune to find out during Friday's latest episode of the CBS series,... Read More »

'Undercover Boss': ADT Technician Receives Life-Changing Gift

ADT Boss takes his turn on "Undercover Boss." Read More »

'Undercover Boss': Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn Finds Franchise Half-Cooked

Fatburger CEO takes his turn on Undercover Boss. Read More »

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