Job Descriptions

  • Teacher Job Description

    Teacher Job Description

    Teachers are more than everyday working professionals; teachers are heroes to students across the world. Being a teacher is such a rewarding, invaluable experience that it often attracts workers from other professions, from business to journalism. Whether in an elementary school or inside a university classroom,... Continue Reading

  • Data Entry Specialist Job Description

    Data Entry Specialist Job Description

    Becoming a data entry specialist may not exactly be the dream job you've always hoped for, but there are some very good reasons why you may want to consider this position while you are looking for that dream job, going to school or simply supplementing your family's income. Here's why: data entry specialists... Continue Reading

  • Project Manager Job Description

    Project Manager Job Description

    Project managers are often the backbone of businesses as the ones who ensure that an idea is followed through by everyone in the company. A motivated and organized project manager has the ability to use both creativity and business sense to get the job done and keep the rest of the team focused on the end goal.... Continue Reading

  • Financial Analyst Job Description

    Financial Analyst Job Description

    The thing that sets financial analysts apart from most people is their mathematical aptitude and a willingness to take certification exams and earn post-graduate academic degrees while they work long hours on the job. It's not easy, and it's not a job for everyone. But for those who love an intellectual... Continue Reading

  • Receptionist Job Description

    Receptionist Job Description

    When you're employed as a receptionist, you're the face of the company you're working for, and what you say and do creates the first impression many people will have when they make contact with your employer. Continue Reading

  • Manager Job Description

    Manager Job Description

    Managers are the glue that hold businesses together as they overseeing all major projects and resolve any issues with the team. Many workers strive to be a manager so they can have a stronger voice in company procedures and delegation of assignments. But a manager juggles many hats, and it takes a motivated... Continue Reading

  • Driver Job Description

    Driver Job Description

    If you know how to drive, have a valid driver's license and a clean driving record -- and you're looking for a job -- you may want to research the possibility of becoming a professional driver. What kind of driver? There are many directions to steer toward: taxi, limo, bus, delivery van or truck driving are... Continue Reading

  • Entry Level Electrical Engineer Job Description

    Entry Level Electrical Engineer Job Description

    Electronics. If that word gets your blood pumping with excitement -- and if you're a good student in math and science -- you may want to consider a career as an electrical engineer. After earning a bachelor's degree from an engineering school, you'll work with the technology of electricity and use your knowledge... Continue Reading

  • Marketing Internship Job Description

    Marketing Internship Job Description

    Every company relies on the marketing team to research their target demographic so that their products never fall out of touch with their consumers. A mix of psychology, communication and creativity, marketing experience will give any student or professional a good chance to see how a business operates.... Continue Reading

  • Assistant Physical Therapist Job Description

    Assistant Physical Therapist Job Description

    The U.S. health-care industry is growing in leaps and bounds these days. In fact, it's one of the few sectors of the economy that keeps reliably expanding, and employment for assistant physical therapists is projected to grow much faster than the nation's average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics... Continue Reading

  • Sales Associate/Retail Job Description

    Sales Associate/Retail Job Description

    A long and satisfying career in the retail sector usually starts small. You may be a cashier for a local shop in your town or a sales clerk in a nearby shopping mall. However you get your foot in the door, you can be sure that first years working as retail sales associates will be an eye-opening experience that... Continue Reading

  • Entry-Level Sales Job Description

    Entry-Level Sales Job Description

    Sales representatives are always in need and can find exciting opportunities in any industry. The sales team is an important piece of every company, and an entry-level sales position is a great way to kick off a career in your desired industry. Continue Reading

  • Bank Teller Job Description

    Bank Teller Job Description

    When you walk into your local bank branch, you're greeted by a teller. When you pull into the drive-through, a bank teller is there to help you. If you have any questions about your finances, a bank teller is ready to assist you. Since bank tellers know the ins and outs of banking, they are a vital part of every... Continue Reading

  • Entry-Level Software Engineer Job Description

    Entry-Level Software Engineer Job Description

    Jobs are being created daily due to the explosive growth of digital technologies, and companies everywhere are hiring software engineers to meet the growing demand for new computer software systems. Snagging an entry-level job is the right place to start for a rewarding career as a software engineer. The best... Continue Reading

  • Medical Assistant Job Description

    Medical Assistant Job Description

    For fast-growing careers, health care is where it's at. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical assistant will be the fastest-growing occupation through 2012. Here's a look at this hot job from the BLS's Occupational Outlook Handbook. Continue Reading