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  • Are You a Victim of Workplace Discrimination?

    Are You a Victim of Workplace Discrimination?

    Even though there are federal laws which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability and other characteristics, bias and pay inequities in the workplace remain a persistent problem. In fact, last year, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)... Continue Reading

  • Real-Life Resume Makeovers

    Real-Life Resume Makeovers

    Extreme makeovers are all the rage these days, and people everywhere are flocking to make over their hair, their makeup, their wardrobes and even their homes. But while getting a hot new haircut can turn heads on the weekends, some people should be getting resume makeovers to give them a boost in their... Continue Reading

  • Jobs of the Future: Does a Major Matter?

    Jobs of the Future: Does a Major Matter?

    Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan was a geography major. Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Alan Greenspan was a music major. And actress Lisa Kudrow majored in biology. Their majors might not match their careers, but their personalities and skills are a dead-on fit. So with college students... Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Places to Find a Job

    Top 10 Places to Find a Job

    If you want a job with longevity and don't want to wake up in 20 years to discover your expertise is obsolete, perhaps you should consider some thriving industries. Get the upper hand by exploring these sectors the BLS projects will grow the fastest in the coming years: Continue Reading

  • When You Love Your Job, but Hate the Boss

    A recent Gallup Poll of 1 million workers found that the most common reason employees leave a company relates to a stressful or problematic relationship with their immediate supervisors. Even the venerable Jack Welch quit his first job because he didn't like his boss's methods. "I had a baby and no money," he... Continue Reading

  • Not Lost in Translation -- Jobs for Linguists

    In the modern business world, the ability to communicate in more than one language can be a tremendous asset. The person who can speak and write multiple languages will be in greater demand, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that translator jobs will increase faster than national averages through... Continue Reading

  • 10 Clues to Decoding the Interview

    10 Clues to Decoding the Interview

    Wonder whether you nailed that interview? While you won't truly know until you get "the call," there are many signs throughout the process that can help you determine whether or not you'll make the first cut. Following are questions and clues to help you decode the interview. 1. What is the interviewer... Continue Reading

  • 12 Signs You're About to Be Fired

    Think a pink slip could be headed in your direction? Most people who are let go know their time is up or (in retrospect) say they should have seen it coming. While there are no sure signs of professional apocalypse, here are 12 clues your job may be in peril: 1. You're Out of the Loop. You no longer get... Continue Reading

  • Quiz: How to Tell if Your Boss Is Just Not That Into You

    Quiz: How to Tell if Your Boss Is Just Not That Into You

    One of the hottest books in stores today helps women decipher their love lives and face the sometimes obvious truth about their relationships. The title of the book, 'He's Just Not That Into You,' explains the main lesson in a nutshell and it can apply to our work lives, too. Since our career prospects often... Continue Reading

  • Six Rules for Personal Resume Web Sites

    Six Rules for Personal Resume Web Sites

    Since the explosion of the Internet in the 1990s, the number of Web sites and people visiting them increases every year. From eBay to blogs, everyone is using the Web to promote some cause, and job seekers are no exception -- building Web sites to showcase their resumes, skills, portfolios, published work and... Continue Reading

  • How to Answer These Tricky Interview Questions

    How to Answer These Tricky Interview Questions

    Does the thought of going on a job interview cause your palms to sweat and your body to break out in hives? Stop itching; you're not alone. The vast majority of job seekers admit to emotions ranging from mild uneasiness to downright panic leading up to their interviews. The good news is there have been no... Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Soft Skills for Job Hunters

    Top 10 Soft Skills for Job Hunters

    People skills and relationship-building are key to success

    Soft skills refer to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes and social graces that make someone a good employee and compatible to work with. Continue Reading

  • America's Top 50 Jobs

    We looked at high-wage, high-growth occupations as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2006-2007 Occupational Outlook Handbook. Here are the top 50 jobs that are both growing faster than the average for total employment (13.0 percent) and have annual earnings above median of $28,770. Though we'd all like... Continue Reading

  • Show Me the Money! America's Top-Paying Careers

    For many of us, money really does make the world go 'round. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder.com survey confirmed that money is the number one motivating factor in jobs. The economy is rebounding and new jobs are being added monthly. A recent report by the Employment Policy Foundation says high-paying jobs are... Continue Reading

  • Oldest, Middle, Youngest: Who's Most Successful?

    Oldest, Middle, Youngest: Who's Most Successful?

    All men may be created equal; but a look at their pay stubs will tell you that their incomes are not. Blame it on social class, education -- even luck, but according to Dalton Conley, New York University professor of sociology and public policy, inequality begins at home. In his book 'The Pecking Order: Which... Continue Reading

  • What Does an Ivy League Degree Get You?

    What Does an Ivy League Degree Get You?

    Going to an Ivy League college is part of the American dream. But does a degree from Harvard mean a better job and better pay? Experts disagree. Elite investment banking and consulting firms like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey recruit heavily at Harvard, Princeton and other Ivy League schools. But recently, major... Continue Reading

  • Finding a Job With Flexible Hours

    Finding a Job With Flexible Hours

    Have you ever seen people golfing, biking or shopping in the middle of the day and wondered: "What kind of job do they have? Why aren't they at work like everyone else?" You may be surprised to know there are more than 27 million people who work flexible schedules, allowing them to vary the time they start... Continue Reading

  • Does Your Career Fit Your Personality?

    Does Your Career Fit Your Personality?

    Revised January, 2011 Everyone knows how hard it is to get along with others when there's a personality clash -- so imagine how hard it is to be happy in career that does the same thing. Similar to when you're looking for a mate, you want to find a career that complements your character, not conflicts with... Continue Reading

  • 9 Surefire Ways to Get a Job

    9 Surefire Ways to Get a Job

    It's easy to exhaust your resources and still come up short during a job search. Pushing yourself day after day and week after week, until you throw your hands up in frustration thinking you'll never see that light at the end of the tunnel or cross the finish line. Athletes call it "hitting the wall. But are you... Continue Reading

  • Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

    Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

    Wouldn't it be great if you could work part-time and still be eligible for company benefits? Well there are plenty of opportunities out there that let you do exactly that. Just because you don't work a 40-hour workweek, doesn't mean you have to sell your soul and come up empty-handed in the benefits... Continue Reading