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  • Employees Ready To Jump Jobs When Market Improves

    Employees Ready To Jump Jobs When Market Improves

    In this market, someone telling you "You're lucky to have a job" has never sounded so true. While there are many frustrated job seekers out there who can't seem to catch a break, there is apparently an entire group of gainfully employed folks who can't wait to jump ship when the market improves. A survey from... Continue Reading

  • Job Hint: Don't Search For Aliens While On The Clock

    Job Hint: Don't Search For Aliens While On The Clock

    Looking for extra-terrestrial life cost an Arizona man his livelihood. Brad Niesluchowski had a pretty decent job as a computer systems administrator for an Arizona school district - according to public records, he was pulling down more than $80,000 a year. But he might have taken his love of everything ET a... Continue Reading

  • Now Hiring: US Census Workers

    Now Hiring: US Census Workers

    If you need a job and are good with people and numbers, the government might have work for you. The U.S. Census Bureau just began the process of hiring more than one million temporary workers for its 2010 population count. If hired, you'll get good pay, flexible hours, paid training, mileage reimbursement and... Continue Reading

  • 2012: The Last Jobs On Earth

    2012: The Last Jobs On Earth

    When the Mayans devised their calendar ending in 2012 more than 5,000 years ago, I bet they had no idea how much end-of-world fodder they were providing for centuries of civilizations to come. With the date creeping closer and a big Hollywood blockbuster imagining exactly how it would all go down, it's only... Continue Reading

  • Jail In My Backyard?  Sure, If It Creates Jobs

    Jail In My Backyard? Sure, If It Creates Jobs

    Cities across America struggling with high unemployment rates will welcome just about any influx of jobs - even if that means hosting alleged killers. Several U.S. towns are begging federal officials for a chance to become home to Guantanamo detainees currently being held in Cuba. The clock is ticking -... Continue Reading

  • Job Search Do's And Don'ts

    Job Search Do's And Don'ts

    It takes more than a good résumé to land a job in this market. You have to be savvy and a step ahead of other applicants. Cosmopolitan recently teamed up with the Society for Human Resource Management for a survey on what it takes to be a winner in these highly competitive times. Turns out the... Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Jobs for 2010

    Top 10 Jobs for 2010

    by Ed Orum for AOL Find a Job Many job hunters will be happy to put 2009 to rest, and welcome 2010 with an eagerness that the job market will pick up. Staffing firm Robert Half recently put together a list of what it believes to be 10 Promising Jobs for 2010. The company has identified opportunities in... Continue Reading

  • Three Industries, Thousands of Jobs

    Three Industries, Thousands of Jobs

    Unemployment in the U.S. took a turn for the worse in October, jumping above the 10% mark for the first time since 1983. While that is sure to send shivers down your job-searching spine, there is a bright side - employers hired 34,000 temporary workers in October and manufacturing overtime was up. Some sectors... Continue Reading

  • The Drive Of Shame

    The Drive Of Shame

    It was a drive I had done many times before - home to office, office to home - but this time was different. I had just been laid off from my job, and I knew I wouldn't be back. HR didn't ask for my keys or badge, but I felt strangely disconnected from a place that once served as my home away from home. As I... Continue Reading

  • Worst Cities for Unemployment

    Worst Cities for Unemployment

    By Ed Orum for AOL Find a Job If you think it's tough to find a job where you live, consider yourself lucky you're not looking in El Centro, California - the unemployment rate hit 30 percent there in September. To be fair, even when times were good in the rest of the U.S., El Centro still struggled with a 20... Continue Reading

  • Silly Questions, Serious Interview

    Silly Questions, Serious Interview

    By Ed Orum Five hundred resumes came down to one simple question: If you were at a baseball game and a foul ball came your way, would you stand up and try to catch it or just wait in your seat and hope it fell your way? No, the job opening wasn't for a baseball team, but a $13-an-hour administrative assistant... Continue Reading

  • "We're Eliminating Your Position"

    Flickr It's impossible to forget such a game-changing day. I was a high paid journalist at a prestigious publication, and had worked hard to get there. Sometimes, my job seemed too good to be true - it was fun, exciting and different every day. This day was very different, though - within seconds of my arrival... Continue Reading