Lack of Well-Paid Jobs Fuels Underemployment Crisis

Tech and healthcare only fields showing promise

worried businesswoman...

Feeling underworked or underpaid? You're not alone. Nearly half the country feels that way and while the economy is said to be turning around, the types of jobs and the rates they pay definitely vary by industry.

"Underemployment is a real concern for today's job seekers as the economic recovery continues to be sluggish," says Katie Bardaro, Lead Economist, PayScale. "Hiring in many industries remains below expectations and unless you are in certain high-demand fields like technology or health care, well-paying job opportunities are simply not plentiful."

According to PayScale's new report Underemployment: Overeducated, Underpaid, and Underworked, 40 percent of workers feel underemployed and eight in 10 of these say being underpaid is the most common reason.

Gen Y (born between 1982 and 2002) are the most underemployed generation, at 45 percent, but they are the least likely (at 77 percent) to say it's because they're underpaid.

By degree, Liberal Arts, Psychology, and English Language & Literature are the three majors with the highest percentage of workers who claim to be underemployed because they are not using their education/training. These majors all have more than 70 percent female graduates.

Significantly, 48 percent of female workers say they are underemployed, compared to 39 percent of men.

"Underemployment is clearly a broader issue than the strict definition by the Bureau of Labor Statistics which defines it as settling for part-time work when seeking full-time work," Bardaro adds.


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Yes my earliest great grandfather came over as kin to William the Conqueror so matching this job market up with feudalism is not only my right but because my ancestors were apart of it!

Robert, the son of Walchelin, mentioned in Domesday about 1086.

Walter, the son of Robert, granted thirty acres at Shipton to Bruerne Abbey, about the time of it’s foundation in 1147.

Richard de Stokes, called also Magister Ricardus de Swalcliffe as witness to two charters (Nos. 27 and 28), Eynesham Papers. See Dugdale’s Monasticon. He granted thirty acres of land at Swalcliffe to Bruerne Abbey, 1147-66 and confirmed other lands, probably those above, as no others answer the description.

Robert de Stokes called Radulphus de Wykham, 1238 in the papers of Eynesham Monastery preserved at Christ Church Oxford.

Sir Robert Wykham, of Knt sued for lands at Stoke 1242 , still living 1279. = Anne

*The center information has to be typed from a non text document but it connects to the great grand fathers below.

Edward Wickham 1529-1591 Born England/Died bef 1591
John C Wickham 1555-1625 Born England/Died
George Wickham 1577-1609 Born England/Died
Thomas Wickham 1600-1624 Born England/Died
Thomas Wickham 1624-1688 Born England/Died Wethersfield CT.
Joseph Wickham 1662-1734
Joseph Wickham 1701-1749
Joseph Wickham 1728-1782
Daniel Hull Wickham 1771-1853
George Wickham 1801-1854
John Wickham 1826-1888
Charles Wickham 1859-1900
William H Wickham 1892-1940
My dad
Me :)

August 16 2014 at 4:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The for [profits will say anything to get their hands on that student loan money. The desperate teachers fearing they will have to pull heavy pallets at the box store and become one of the underemployed will hold on to their meal ticket even if they know their students will end up in the gutter.
Gov/Civil Service/ Public jobs have been getting all the raises and benefits while the private sector has been falling and suffering for the last 3 decades. We didn't just change from a manufacturing economy to a service economy the change has been one of feudalism in the private sector. My ancestor came over with William the Conqueror as blood relatives but you get to find out about Feudalism because the trade deals are your new Lords!

August 16 2014 at 3:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The babyboomers were discarded so I would count on any more shovel ready or green jobs because of the unfair trade. Free trade isn't really free if it costs you, your career!

August 16 2014 at 3:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

You all know how this will end. History repeats it's self. Denial of the real economy of the masses will altimately end up in Depression and war. Unless the plague wipes outs millions you got one hell of a job creating jobs.

How's that GI Bill working out?

August 16 2014 at 3:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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