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How can we get rid of the name Bloomberg forever. The little shrimp won't go away.

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They are producing a product, ("professionally produced bottle of fair-trade, organic "lemon-aid") and donating 5% of the profits from the sale of the product. You get to purchase and enjoy a bottle of organic lemon aid and 5% of the profits are donated to charity. You are not directly donating to the charity. I am not sure what the profit percentage is for Newman's Own, but the concept is similar.

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5% is better than nothing . I wonder how much taxes she had to pay. More than 5% I bet.

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FIVE percent of profits going to the foundation... So where does the other NINETY-FIVE percent go? - Hummmm, seems like things have taken quite a capitalistic turn to me. If you are going to have a "charitable business" that purports to MAKE A STAND against Childhood slavary, it seems to me the lion's share of the profit should go towards that charitble cause and not "elsewhere". - "Start with your heart" and STAY WITH WHAT YOU STARTED! (And Dallas, I majored in Business Management & minored in Economicsl. - So, I know how to do the math.)

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well lets see now, the famous sponser a child foundation , 30.00 a month 7 cents on the dollar reaches a child. make a wish foundation ,income over 12 million a year once cost and salaries are taken in,actual money to the make a wish, 09. cent of each dollar. The box of candy at the checkout in restaurants,take a piece drop in coins,for cancer research ,or for feed the hungry children, a route is purchased boxes are sold and the charity actually gets 5 percent in donations, the owner of the route sells peppermint candies in that box ,average drop in box 25 cent for a penny piece of candy . the list goes on and on.

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5%? You can bet they're all collecting nice paychecks. And to the person who says 5% is a large amount......really? I have worked for non profits....5% is nothing.

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1 reply to maskedblogger's comment
Hey Jude

If you want to check out charities and what % is used for fundraising, the actual program and what the administers make, go to You'd be surprised at how many charities put 60-80% into the actual program. These are the charities to support and watch out for charities who have similar names to the ones who are truthful.

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sounds like a scam to me. There are many large corps that give back as much or more. This just looks like a marketing ploy to me.

May 20 2014 at 2:44 PM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

Does the state she sold this lemonaid in require a business license? If not then what she did was illegal. Ive seen other childrens lemonaid stands be torn down because of this and if she didnt and the state requires it, why isnt this brought to light when others have been torn down because of this issue?

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You liberals whining about 5% going to charity have no idea how much overhead there is when you do something like this. If you worked
for a living instead of living off the government you would understand economics!
To those of you who give to charities like the ASPCA, well, they only actually use less than 2% towards the animals and the rest is used for offices, payroll, etc. They are one of the worst. This little girl doing this and giving 5% is quite an accomplishment and I applaud her for her work and generosity!
You crying , whining liberals need to get a life and quit depending on the government to feed and cloth you !

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She made over $100,000 in one day. Let's suppose that was profit, although it probably wasn't. She would be giving $5,000 to her cause and $95,000 in her dad's pocket. No wonder he quit his job! Did she have a permit? Did she pay taxes? Is this legit? Sounds like dad found a way to make a fortune off his kid.

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Good lord people, she needed an adult to help her with her full time business. They donate 5% of the proceeds because her father still has to support their family. This way he is able to still provide an income and push the charitable business along IF he is even using the money for that. This is also 5% of the *gross revenue* not the profits. They still have tons of overhead costs to pay for as well since they have to pay for the manufacturing of the lemonade, they do pamphlets, etc.

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1 reply to valgaavmiko's comment

No. It clearly states 5% of the profits. I went back and looked because it seemed to me that was an awfully small donation for a product created for charity.

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