Hotel Employee Goes Above And Beyond To Return Child's Lost Stuffed Animal

Prepare to sob.

Here's a story with the three ingredients guaranteed to tug at anybody's heartstrings: cute kids, stuffed animals, and loss prevention supervisors.

Seven-year-old Reagan Porter of Eden Prairie, Minnesota was staying with her parents at Texas's La Torretta Lake Resort, but when she returned home she discovered two very important things missing: her blanket, and stuffed animal ("lambie," Daily Mail reports). If you remember what it's like to be a kid, then you know that this kind of thing is a disaster comparable to the destruction of Pompeii.

Good thing she had Cristina Cooper, the resort's loss prevention lead supervisor, on her side. Cooper, who has a three-year-old son of her own, went above and beyond to return the items to Reagan and her family.

Her father originally called the resort after returning home to find his daughter's things missing, but Cooper failed to find them after an initial search, assuming they ended up with the laundry. It looked as if all was lost until a month or so later, when Cooper found the items in a housekeeping bin. She then called back Reagan's father, who was ecstatic.

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"You could hear it in his voice before I even said anything," she told ABC News. "I could tell he was hoping it would be about her lost stuffed animal."

Cooper also asked her father if she could include a brief note to Reagan, written from lambie's perspective. Readers, prepare to grab the tissues:

"I missed you and I love you and I'm so glad to see you," the note read, which is impressively articulate for a lamb.

The moment of lambie's reunion with its owner was captured on video, and you'd be hard-pressed to find something this unaffectedly sweet. After all, when was the last time you were this happy about something?

"Even still watching it now I get a little teary-eyed" said Cooper. "It's so nice to see that and know I was able to help out that much."

Calling all workers in the service and hospitality industries: this is how it's done.

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The first thing should have been to check lost and found I no I work at a hotel and have returned many a lost items just by checking lost and found. at end of every shift the girls turn everything in that they find in rooms I wonder what took so long to check lost and found it wasn't until they were cleaning out old stuff that they found it

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When my son was 3 we traveled out of the state for some testing he needed. My son is profoundly autistic. He had with him 3 trucks from the builder bob TV show. They were his life. They had to be with him. Period. One day we had a bit of time before our appointment and so we decided to use the pool. Somehow I was able to convince him to leave the trucks on his bed while we were swimming so they wouldn't get wet. He knew they couldn't go in the tub or they would break and so we just expanded on that and he left them on his bed. We were gone about an hour and in that time housekeeping went in and did the room. My son walked in looked at his bed, took a deep breath and didn't stop screaming for 2 days. They were gone. I know where I left them I know they were on his bed. He ran over and kissed them as we were walking out the door and as the door closed I saw them on the bed. I called the front desk and they said they would look into it. After waiting an hour I called and asked to see the manager. I was told that we must have left them somewhere else because house keeping did not see them in the room. Then the manager told me to just give him a different toy. Clearly he had no children let alone an autistic child. I went to a Toys R Us on the way to our appointment and replaced them but it just was not the same to him. Being in a store added to the fun because now everyone was looking at me and my son and making comments that he shouldn't get a toy because of how he was acting. I really wanted to punch some people that day. The appointment was a wash because he was too upset. They were never found and we were never given an explanation beyond we must have lost them outside of the room. It took almost a month for my son to completely stop breaking down and screaming. Finally he accepted the replacements thank God. I learned that it is wise to keep the toy obsession of the moment in a small backpack in my sight at all times. I am so happy for this little girl. She is very lucky.

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How is it "going above and beyond" when it took them a whole month to find the thing. Doesn't sound like they looked too hard.

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I was flying to Thailand when I found a stuff animal left on a seat in the waiting area it had a tag saying who it belonged too a gift from grandparents living in US Also had international phone number. So I called it got parents who spoke a little English told them I arrive in Bangkok at 9 AM and can bring it to them. When I landed they were waiting with there daughter to pickup. I gave it to her she thanked me parents tried to reward me but the smile on the little girls face was more than enough.

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happy for the girl....BUT every hotel will do this...I Have had pillows mailed back to me as well as a pair of brand new boots,,,,so hotels are pretty good at that. Priority charge

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Great story!!!!!!!!

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my friends came in from india and their little boy who was only 8 years old was given a big responsibility.....a $50 bill for him alone....he lost it at the hyatt in san francsico...when we got to my familys vacation home in lake tahoe, he realized he lost his $50 and was inconsolable.....they had been at the hyatt 3 days prior....but i had their aunt call the hyatt and talk to housekeeping and lo and behold they had the $50 in lost and found.....the Indian family could not believe it....had to hear it for themselves on speaker phone...Manu, the 8 year old, cried even harder because he was so relieved and happy...the family said only in America would they hold money for you and not pocket it.....i felt very proud of our country. The Hyatt mailed the $50 to us AND had the envelope tracked so we would be sure to get their cost.....!

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Nice story...happy ending...thanks to the Cooper work. Need to hear more things like this.

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Sherri WINS

Take a bow, Cristina!! I live in a small town in Oregon, and our people are so caring here that I would expect nothing less from them. However, with big resorts, big cities, etc., this work ethic is usually not the "way to do things" as it takes more time and effort than most feel inclined to give. The look on Reagan's face tells the story, and more should give this type of caring, compassionate "service". More businesses should promote this attitude among their employees. This can only increase the business due to word of mouth and reputation.

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1 reply to Sherri WINS's comment

Sherri, you're full of baloney. Hicks like you want to believe "city folk" have different values than you. Go fly a kite.

May 01 2014 at 8:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Some bleeding-heart liberal sends a kid some crap she loses and everyone makes a big deal about it. The kid should have been told to suck it up and get a job and pay for her own stupid rabbit. Now the kid will grow up with the same sense of entitlement as the 47%.

May 01 2014 at 7:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to Tom's comment

slow day in the nut house? another troll looking for a reaction.
You need a hobby

May 02 2014 at 12:04 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Yo, Adrienne,

...and besides, it was a lamb, not a rabbit! lol

May 02 2014 at 1:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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