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See, again that's the problem of the GOP not able to sign out so many projects for infracstructures reburfisment as pres. Obama tried long ago, these would be easily create thousands of jobs direct and indirect but due the 'Gridlock' behavior in 'Congress' this is what happen now, 'No Progress At All For The Littles Joes', not fair to blame it on pres. Obama now, Isn't? But hey what the H___, probably that's what part of the 'GOP' plan after all, to make pres. Obama looks bad straight off the bat, Isn't! and the H___with the poor class in this country, Isn't? Now we get it, It's kool, enjoy until you can after all, party will be over soon for all, no more party! BuuMuaWaa...!

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3Million cutoff, 75,000 added every week and 200,000 veterans.
Our GDP is affected negatively to the tune of 7Billion every 3 months without long-term unemployment.

Call John Boehner:
Phone: (202) 225-0600
(#1 to leave a message and #2 to speak with his assistant)

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Mybe it's time to change the focus from "unemployment compensation", which is intended as a short-term support payment, to some form of welfare. I know the latter is a dirty work but that's relly what we're talking about when someone is unemployed for a year or two or three. Just sending an unemployment check and having them register at the local employment office obviously isn't working. If they need public assistance to feed and clothe and shelter themselves and their families, it's time to look at it as welfare and determine what we do as a society through our government (local, state and federal). But at some point we need to take it out of the realm of 'unemployment'.

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