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Donna Rogers Young

Congratulations to your new job. I agree, it is hard to find a job with economy the way it is...You give me more hope to go along with my faith that I have..I will not give up and I know that something will happen for me soon....I am retired from a job of 20 years service but not enough money to live. I am in my 4th semester at college studying Business Administration....Once again, congratulation!!!

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The subject of this article was unemployed only 5 months. She probably had not exhausted her savings and credit cards just to keep her home and car, so she probably had good credit. The problem is, when you're over 50 and lose your job, you remain unemployed much longer than 5 months, during which time you default on your mortgage and credit card payments, so add "bad credit" to your "unemployed" and "old" labels and you become permanently unemployable. I read in the news that the government is considering legislation to help released convicts because they can't find jobs after being convicted of crimes. What about the rest of us?

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1 reply to queencelt's comment

You are absolutely right. Bad credit is an automatic "Sorry, no job for you" in most industries. Employment executives aren't very compassionate or understanding in that reqard.

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Age seems to always be a factor in today's job market. I'm a healthy older person and have got valuable experience in mortgage and title industry. I want a job and would show up every day because "I want a job". It is almost impossible to find another job after being in a company lay-off.

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I suspect that employers often use interview questions to fish for answers to problems they have. They probably have no intention of hiring you after the interview but the person conducting the interview gets some terrific free advice. I've interviewed at ad agencies who I know for sure have used my ideas in later campaigns. I call it stealing.

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1 reply to gosoaring10's comment

I was called for an interview out of town (all expenses paid), where the hiring manager quizzed me about my advanced degree in front of her boss. I didn't get the job, but I hope she got the degree.

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Not everyone has the time or dollars to invest in building a digital portfolio.

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but this is not common. she is a rare exception.

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1 reply to Andrea's comment

You hit it right on the head Andrea.

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Most job interviews are ridiculous and don't really address real situations in the job.....
frequently personnel will hire somebody for a position that the supervisor has already promoted someone to
from within the organization, so you are a fifth wheel.....and assigned to different duties....
Companies are highly selective with " Can the individual do this job"; however, once you are hired they use
you as a "Jack of All Trades" !??
I once helped intereview a guy who was a LINUX Guru. But the other supervisors wanted to hire him into a position where he was supporting mainframe cobol and jcl.
I said hire the guy; but not for this Job!!

February 06 2014 at 2:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to YourFtr's comment

So true. I had some good retail experience and worked with both the buyer and as cashier. I even had people ask for me to help them on the floor when I was in my office working. I was glad to help everyone and always did it with a smile and good attitude. But after I left that job and later tried to get a job as a cashier or any other job available at a new multi department store I was unable to get past the interview! I had six different interviews at different times and never got even a Christmas time job. Then one year at holliday time I walked into the store and there was one of my good friends with a job. I would not have thought much about it except that this person didn't have any retail experience at all, in fact she had not worked in over 15 years and was only there because her husband told her they needed extra money for Christmas. She didn't even want to be working! I never did understand this store. I had also after this worked at a smaller retail store and was told that I was one of their best cashiers. They said that my till was never more than fifty cents off which they said is very unusual at that time. so what happened? Who knows why I could not get hired at the first store, maybe I wasn't the look the manager was looking for.

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Good comment. I was hired because I was multi-lingual and had international experience for a job in the international department of a law firm. Then I was asked to open my boss's mail that he brought in from home, pay his bills, and insure his wife's fur coat. When I complained, I was fired of course.

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Excellent advice, full of pearls to tuck away for that next job interview!

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