3 Tips To Be Healthier At Work

Switch up your activities throughout the day

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By Alison Griswold

Looking for ways to keep yourself fitter at work?

Office design company turnstone recently teamed up with Jamie Russo, chief of work and wellness at co-working space Enerspace, to find out how employees can incorporate health and fitness goals into their work days. The advice ranges from changing your desk chair to taking more walks throughout the day - basically anything you can do to enhance your normal movements.

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Here are a few strategies that Russo uses to stay healthy that anyone could benefit from.

1. Switch up your posture throughout the day. If possible, trade your desk chair for a yoga ball or a standing desk, or hold meetings and conference calls as walks. The extra movement will do you a tremendous amount of good.

2. Take breaks every few hours. It's important to leave your desk periodically and walk around. These breaks from your desk are good for your eyesight, your muscles, and your overall wellbeing.

3. Leave your brown-bag lunch at home. The best way to plan a walk or break during your day is to commit to getting lunch. Going outside and walking to a deli or restaurant will give you a well-deserved breath of fresh air and break from a hectic day.

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How to Exercise at Work

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Dumbest advice ever. So, in order to stay fit, I should leave my homemade lunch at home, and spend upwards of $50 a week at a restaurant. Right. And I'm sure the healthy options are just as good there. Don't quit your actual job, because it can't be giving advice. And so sh*t you're supposed to get up throughout the day. Who is this for, morons who just joined the human race? GTFO

February 05 2014 at 6:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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