The Long And Short Of Long-Term Unemployment [Infographic]

One in four have not had enough to eat

Like "credit default swaps" and "quantitative easing," "long-term unemployment" was a term seldom heard before the 2007 financial crisis. Now it is a very grave reality for 1.3 million Americans, and a looming possibility for many others.

These are the people who have been out of work for 26 weeks or more, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and whose benefits have been subject to an unending game of political football. (The government does not count the over 700,000 "discouraged" workers who've stopped look for work.) Although 44 percent of the long-term jobless said they look for work every day, 30 percent of them haven't been on a job interview in a year, according to a new survey by Careerbuilder. While the economy slowly recovers, making back only a small fraction of the jobs it would if growth were healthy, these Americans are shut out from many opportunities simply because they have not been employed recently. Employers worry that they are damaged goods because no one else has hired them or because their skills have eroded.

Learn more about how the tremendous loss of income has affected the long-term unemployed in the infographic below.

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I have been unemployed for over a year. I have been on numerous interviews but always come away with the realization that I am just too old (61). Why should a company hire me and train me for a specific job that I might leave in a year or so because I qualify for social security at 62. I have been working since I was 15 yo and want to keep on working. I am in the medical field and have years of experience and I went back to college at a late in life time and graduated with an Associates Degree and I still can not find a job. I have been applying for jobs in the medical field and other jobs as well and nothing has panned out yet for me. The longer my unemployment goes on the worse I feel because I should be able to find a new job.

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Go to church that provides free meals, shelters too. We were impressed by a TV production company or a church group proving free bowls of hot chili on Hollywood Blvd. In Hollywood, California last year. We had 2nd servings. The guy looked like Johnny Depp who served us these hot meals. God Bless them.

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I like the part where it says, "while the economy is slowly recovering.....". I think I'm coming down with some bad "deja vu" and Ground Hog Day is fast approaching.

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GrimReality Forsure

its kind of stupid to bring in 1 million immigrants into an economy where 4 million (or more) americans are out of work, or cannot find work that pays enough to live on. Many of my friends work 2 part time jobs and still end up going to the food pantry once a month to feed their families. This is not good.
We need jobs that pay a livable pay scale. Not 2 thousand part time jobs.

I know people whose resources are depleted. They have to choose between using what they have left to look for work, or put a roof over their kids heads, and food on the table. A no win situation no matter how you look at it.
And companies are being too picky for who they hire.. Out of work for more than 12 months and many here say they won't even consider you, even though the state statistics say many have been out of work for 36 or more months.
Now they want to pass laws to make it easier for companies to hire convicted felons.. Talk about a totally messed up situation.

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Lets look at the whole picture instead of blaming Obama.
Thank You Bill Clinton for exporting our jobs.
Thank you George Bush for not regulating the mortgage industry before people like me lost our home our nest egg our investment into our retirement.
Thanks again George Bush when the housing market crashed I lost my career as a interior decorator.
Thank you Obama for ending the the war not only saving American lives but trillions of dollars of tax payers money.

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G.W. warned everyone that was going to happen - twice warned them in 2003 & 2005. He asked for a congressional investigation into the mortgage, housing and lending laws. Once congress established an investigative committee, the democrats screamed that it was a racist witch-hunt. Both times the investigation ceased. Search "Franklin Raines" for more info.

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Read Anatomy of the Meltdown. Carter signed the CRA into law. Clinton made it even worse by forcing banks to lend to bad risks and Acorn shook down the banks to make a fortune and enforce this terrible law. Bush went before Congress 17 times to appeal to change the law but was thwarted by Democrats, notably Barney Frank. The Democrats had majority control of BOTH houses for the last TWO YEARS of the Bush Presidency and virtually everything Obama blames on him happened under their and his absolute and total control. You lost your job because the Democratic Party forced the banks to make bad loans to poor people who couldn't or wouldn't pay them back and then sold these loans as GOOD loans overseas crashing Iceland and almost England. Then in this self created disaster they indebted the US for trillions to pay back the banks that defrauded us so that they got 100 cents on the dollar return. But the TARP won't pass the Democratic controlled House until 4 days and 112 billion in pork is added. Obama votes as the most Liberal Senator in Congress. 11/08 Obama is elected and the DOW drops 500 points. 2/17 Obama signs the 787 billion Porkulus bill. The DOW drops 382 points. Pelosi states "the Democrats bear no responsibility." Soros claims "Capitalism is over." 1/24/14 Michelle Obama states Jane Fonda is a role model. And today YOU think Obama ended a war and saved us trillions. Chess with a pigeon.

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I don't see any racist comment

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It is time for responsibility to fall on Obama. If we had a capable president for the last 5 years instead of one giving 40 million illegals work visas, expanded free medicaid for his people, wasting $7 trillion dollars, tripling food stamps and taking $14 million vacations........we would have had companies hiring instead of firing and reducing hours, a manageable deficit, more working and paying taxes.
Handouts do nothing but kick the can down the road. He wants that road to continue until he gets out of office.
We need welfare reform to 12 months max, drug tests and 40 hrs community service where you collect.
The free ride has to stop.
The majority of people just don't look for work! Fact!

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You clearly did not look at or comprehend the graphic posted in this article. "The majority of people just don't look for work"? The article just stated that 44% of them are looking EVERY DAY. 25% of them can't afford to put food on the table. Sounds like a hell of a "free ride" to me. 58% of the jobs that have been created post recession have been low wage or part time jobs. Won't do much for the tax base even if they did take those jobs. As Bloomberg Businessweek reported earlier this year, net total public assistance to the fast-food industry is about $7 billion dollars, such as food stamps for their employees. You want to talk about free handouts, there's 7 billion free handouts to profitable companies.

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You need to stop lying! You're a racist fool!

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Absolutely correct!

Companies should NOT be allowed to have profit!!

(Might be a concern to shareholders of publicly traded ones ...)

January 24 2014 at 3:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down
Barnaby S Smithfield

what does 40 hrs community service get......they should be in training or school...for those who want it at least

January 24 2014 at 10:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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