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This topic is apropos but some caregivers left work permanently to become caregivers. It is common in the case of families that live great distances apart. What guidance can you offer for this group of former caregivers seeking brand new opportunities.

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Really J.T.? I am disappointed with your post. I can't decide whether you're naive or you simply believe your readers are going to think it's as simple as you outline here. I've been though a parent care situation myself and do agree with you that some employers will have little tolerance for accommodating this need due to pressures on productivity and profitability. You make no mention of expanding your options outside your current employment situation to seek other avenues for moving forward once the care commitment and grieving is complete. I just think you took a very complex topic and tried to oversimplify it. I also have a pet peeve with illustration of numbered stages of. if they always appear in that order and we simply move from one to the next. I know that you are not the original developer of this illustration. it just rubs me the wrong way when I see it this way. I am sorry to be so reactive with you on this topic as it is just a sensitive subject for me.

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Nice spelling of "depression" ... not.

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