Home Depot Worker Saves Baby's Life

Alaska employee Chris Strickland displays heroism on the job

Home Depot Worker Saves Falling Baby

When you're "on the job" it means you have to be ready for anything. And Anchorage, Alaska, Home Depot crew worker Chris Strickland has just proved he's got the right stuff. Strickland was recently caught on camera lunging over to grab a baby that was about to fall off a shopping cart in the store.

An image of the rescue was submitted Monday by Strickland's brother, who said, "My bro made a nice save at work the other day, and they got it on video, so I thought I'd share with you all." (See below for video.)

An article by msn.com commended Strickland for "not stopping to think." "Get this person a drink," proclaimed a post on LiveLeak.com. The story has also appeared on Reddit.com.

Strickland's heroics could have been avoided altogether, as was pointed out by msn.com; the baby should never have been placed atop the cart as they cannot be secured properly.

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