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when I was laid off from a big law firm -- they did not include my 1-1/2 hour over time with the final check--the next monday I was at the labor board filing for that 1-1/2 hour overtime -- it took the company 11 days to get that check to me and I was given $1100 for their stupid-ass omission --so much for being $500/hour labor/employment law attorneys.

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Although I don't think we should go back to the sexist "Mad-Men" attitudes of the sixties, I wish men and women could compliment and joke casually with each other without being accused of sexual harrassment. It just makes the day go faster and more pleasantly

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I had someone say "You liberals believe that Obama is the black Messiah" and I said that I did not believe that Obama was the Messiah but that I could see how someone would make that mistake. According to the Bible the messiah would come shortly after Armageddon and Obama came shortly after George Bush.

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I should not be doing this but ... tee hee hee hee hee

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I handled all the above with one simple answer: You are a co-worker, not a friend.

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My late sister was mildly retarded. She worked in a jewelry factory. She mostly could dothe job , but was weak in social skills. But, she knew enough to show good will to bring presents to co-workers on their birthdays and at holidays, to come to a baby shower with a gift, and to compliment people.
When she died of a massive stroke, her supervisor told me that the bosses wanted to fire her many times due to less than perfect work. But all the supervisors and workers defended her and she was kept on until her death.
And I was touched by how much her workers had cared for her.

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AND: Start a petition in YOUR office for fresh air, open windows (on occasion), and real know, from the sun? It's good for your health. And that will increase productivity. Bosses and management really need to recognize....

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Wow, work is hard enough...let alone having to suck up at the office. These "traditions" and rules really make office life lame. Just be honest w/ people and tell them to get out of your cube!

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Actually, there are a few more "awkward" work situations that you didn't seem to feel needed discussion. Workplace violence makes the news today, but in the 'good old days' things went a little differently. Many years ago, I was bodily shoved against a wall, my glasses slapped from my face, and slugged in the stomach by my boss, who was also the owner of the company. He was upset because the monthly profit/loss figures I had prepared for him weren't what he was expecting. I contacted the police after he left, and was flatly told "Look, you can quit your job right now, or you can wait until he fires you if we come over's up to you." My wife was expecting our first child, and I couldn't afford to lose my job and health insurance at that I declined to do anything about it, or him, through the police. Instead, I walked over to his office, closed the door, and quietly told him "You ever put your hands on me again, I'll put a bullet in your gut." He looked at me hard for a moment and said "Ok...fair enough." I found another job shortly afterwards.

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Good for you man!!! I have had a similar experience at "work" aka the office...minus the physical abuse. In today's day and age (w/ lawsuits and all the politically correct mumbo jumbo tiptoeing) office workplaces now are more like a mind fck. Hostile work environments and workplace bullying...yep, that's how they run the show these days....and they get away w/ it all the time more so than in any other career. I also quit my job. It's not worth the life is like swimming w/ sharks.

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