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John Seattle

Companies pay those who they believe they can retain, who then can deliver what they need, who will boost their market presence, keep their position among competitors, and who has proven some skills to do just that in their past and gave enough in their interview to suggest they indeed are worth the risk. So if you want a raise, you just learned your co-worker makes more than you do, you aren't making it with the bills you have, the dreams you want to get going on....skip the two month process and lay it all out when you go IMMEDIATELY into your boss's office to say what you need, what you've done for the company, and why you need more....and then just ask point blank what you want. They know you'll walk eventually if you don't get what you need and they know or are guessing you already have something else lined up. In any case you have just bumped their trust in themselves to manage day to day business, their belief they picked a good candidate and lowered their chances of being seen favorable by their corp structure if you do leave. Keep that in mind. You'll get your raise. If know what to do next.

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Get a raise in 60 days...Doo Dah, Doo Dah!
Get a raise in 60 days...Oh Doo Dah Day.

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This is happening to me right now. I have been with my company in Middleburg Heights, Ohio for 5 years. My co-worker has been with the company less than 2 years. I have trained him on proprietary medical billing software and have done special projects and multiple tasks that are not technically part of my job description. By reading and researching I have trained myself on certain Adobe products to maintain documents for this company I work for. I have done everything except for step 7. I just don't want to go through the "drama" of explaining to my boss how I know my co-worker is making more than I am! As much as I like working for this company, I have decided that it is time to find a new employer! Just wish the job market was better in the Cleveland, Ohio area!! I registered with an employment agency and submitted my information to them. I am also going back to school for a post-bachelors certificate in Information Technology to make myself more marketable. If anyone has any other suggestion that would be helpful on my job search besides the obvious, "patience" it would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I would suggest you get a A+ certification it will only take about two month to studies. and get a help desk Job until you finished you Information Technology degree, than you can continue and get other certification

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