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A Modern Myth

I think that being a bartender is one of those things were you get what you put into it. If you are lazy, not a people person, or just want money, then its likely not going to be for you. But if you are willing to work hard, give good quality service and have a good attitude, then you'll be just fine. This article says it all, if there are any aspiring bartenders in here I suggest you give it a quick read -

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Our church rents out the social hall for weddings and quncineras (sp). I am the bartender for these events. We have about eight or ten per year. The celebrants bring their own liquor, mostly beer in tubs of ice. I get paid per night and tips. Usually 5:00 until midnight. The bands are usually loud. I try to tease the people, making little jokes, nmakes the tips better. I card the ladies, better tips. Its hard work because the drinks are free so no break between orders. Yet fun, somewhat,

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I bartended my way through college, and it was probably the best decision I ever made. I had minimal school loans, which were paid off my first 2 years after college. The hours were flexible, so I could work between 28 and 32 hours a week and make more than I would at a job that paid hourly. Luckily, I had health benefits through school, so I didn't have to worry about that. Sure, it was demanding at times, and sure, there were the occasional drunks, but I would guess that it was an enjoyable job about 85% of the time. Although I'm glad to be out of the business now, I do still miss it at times....especially the quick cash!

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Tammy is so hot

i have been a bartender in las vegas for several years now. it is a very over rated job. unless you enjoy the company of drunks, enjoy being a very under paid shrink, like to clean up after others & serving them, and like being on your feet without a break for shifts ranging from 6 to 10 hours with no real break, then yeah it is a great job....

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I was a bartender for many years, and owned two successful bars. I loved bartending, it's what kept me in the business, but as I got older, it did too. I was lucky enough to put enough aside to retire. It's not the best job if you have kids and you have to pick and choose your jobs carefully, alcohol makes people do crazy things. There is a pretty big flaw in the math in your article. Even at $300/night, 5 nights, it comes out at $78,000, not $50,000........The money is good, but keeping a good steady job is not that easy.

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I have been a bartender in a few places, private country clubs, private VFWs, even an all black night club as the only white employee serving an all black crowd, the owner told me he needed a "token" employee but was having a hard time finding a white person to work there. I had no problem, as a bartender the only color you should worry about is green, same with the VFW, I would book a private party from the local black college and a few members would complain about it, that is until they seen the money brought in from the room rental and bar sales. Many time people don't tip or under tip but you make it up on that one guy who tips 50%, most bartenders and wait staffers are the best tippers because they know what it's like. Heck I tip everywhere, I tip when I go in to buy the domino's hot and ready $5 pizza, I tip the person who makes my subway sub, I tip when I go in to pick up my Chinese take out and especially when I get food delivered or go in and sit down. As a bar manager now I always tell my bartenders to leave your problems at the door, you are here to listen to their problems they do not come in to listen to your problems. Once you clock in, cell phones off and a smile on your face, since then they have seen their tips get much better than before I got there. So many tell me they never realized it was that easy, let them talk and you listen and act concerned. Why pay a shrink $90 an hour to listen when you local neighborhood bartender can do it for tips plus you can get drunk doing it, and those are the ones that really tip, the ones with the problems who want to talk about it, don't serve them and walk away, listen to them and they will tip well. For all you non tippers out there remember..Tips stand for To Insure Prompt Service, if you don't tip you won't get good service or you will get extra service. I don't condone that at all, make it up on the next guy, never put anything in anyones drink.Here is a good tip for everyone.. if you order a pizza delivery and don't tip I would never order from them again, don't trust people who have your food alone in a car with them when you did not tip them last time....beware..

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1 reply to ANTON's comment

if I get good service, then I will tip accordingly. I wont tip well and hope for the best. most wait staff are dull, unmotivated, and entitled. I don't cotton to 25% gratuity to get attitude

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I own a bar. It`s called "Bears Den". I do it all behind the bar and behind the scene before and after closing. Want a fancy "umbrella" drink? Go away.... Want the fancy "kiddy drinks" all colored and with nutso mixes? Go someplace else.... I serve COLD beer, and many brands of it, including micro-brews. I serve 15 different types of whiskey for the shots, and 3 nice vodkas for the bloody mary or a screw driver and THAT`S IT. I serve fresh and BIG burgers with fries, pizza, and brats...and there is always a big pot of chili going. I`m no behind the bar "fix your problems here" guy. If you wanna cry in your soup...head to town and get out of my place fast, because I have no time for that stuff. Wanna drink beer and eat cheap yet good...stop by.

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aren't bears a nickname for something ??

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I've been in the Restaurant business for over 40 years. And to this day the best place to be is behind the bar. You are a big brother, Priest, problem solver, advisor and most of all your are an actor. When you walk behind my bar you are on stage. You have good actors and bad ones. The bad ones don't last. Customers tip on a great performance.

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Tammy is so hot

you enjoy being a problem solver for people you don't know, serving people you don't know and cleaning up after people you don't know? i have bartended in all kinds of bars, private clubs, fine dining, casinos, & trust me it is a glorified serving// maid job no matter what the venue!

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Everything he quotes is so true, Bartending was the best job i ever had. and now my daughter is following in it too. some places are hit and miss, but generally it pays off VERY WELL.. respect for your customers, honesty, and the ability to always be on top of the job with a smile , to me are good qualities to always have.

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Bartending is a tough job, and it gets tougher as the night wears on.
After two years I was a bust-out drunk.
I decided to find another line of work.

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It is a tough job. As the owner of a bar, I never allow the employees to drink on the job. Most of them seldom drink anyway, so it's not a huge sacrifice. They would much rather receive a cash tip equal to the cost of the shot or drink a customer may want to buy for them. They always have after hours and their days off to go out and party....but just not on my time.

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Tammy is so hot

i don't understant what this persons comment has to do with your business? just felt like jumping on the soap box and telling us what a tight ship you run? lol funny!

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