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In many countries such as China, Japan, or even Korea, you will have to bath and entertain with your coworkers in order to build bonds without pay at the expense of the companies just like the way that US military personnels around the globe. Attending these functions are NOT optional and sometimes even parttake prostitutions with your fellow executives is almost the norm how it operates. I am not sure how it work with female executive but that is where the glass ceiling exist around the workplace. Any female executives wants to elaborate on how they do it just by going along or refuse and risk of being OUT of contention for the next promotion?

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This is somewhat similar ......I was a late bloom actor, age 42, had done some classes at HB with Miss Hagen, and typically New York actors.....we do not get paid at first. Nope, sure dont. Some other staff members at HB told me if you are not getting paid for your work do it for 3 differerent reasons

1. To be seen, advance your career
2. Have the ability to now add this performance to your resume
3. Simply, that the performer really likes the piece of work.

I always followed those guidelines. One time, I did not. (There was a semi famous writer, who was doing a play in NYC, she had many television credits, and had been up for an Emmy. I was her second choice, as the other actor had a prior job. And I was very unhappy the entire run of the play).

Of course, after about two years or so, and I was now in the all 3 of the unions, I made different choices. Some jobs, I really did for the money. And I did not regret it. I did a small childrens theatre piece in Long Island, where I palyed a big singing bear, and to this day, it is still a favorite of mine (I did it for a 100 bucks).

YOu have presented something that provokes thought. Thanks.

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Tess Vigeland

Thanks, fred. Yes, it is an ongoing debate with ourselves, isn't it. The issue of not being paid is a whole other discussion, which I've written about elsewhere. It's really hard for me to justify saying yes without getting paid, unless it's for charity.

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My bad. Thought the article was about what to do when you're asked to do something at work when OTHERS (who were ORDERED by the boss) refused. Oh, by the way, THAT is INSUBORDIONATION.

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Depends on the situation. An employee has the right to say no. This is not the military nor is it slavery.

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as I stated, the CHECK-SIGNER ORDERED them to do what was asked. "I don't WANT to do it" is NOT an option.

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Gee I could really relate to this. I love how you talk about the see saw that happens when you freelance; you are excited to be called, even if the project doesn't thrill you. Then sometimes, both happen at once. It's a tough balancing act.

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I know a brilliant woman who works for herself, and I think she's come up with a great solution for the feast or famine issue, at least for certain types of freelance work. During slow periods, she cultivated relationships with a few flexible interns/assistants with varying skills looking for experience over making money. When things get harried, as they tend to do all at once - never fails! why is this?? - she can usually find one to assist, thereby letting her bite off a little more than she could chew on her own; the extra work covers the stipend she pays the intern(s) for research, calls, and so on. Wish it were my idea but thought it was an approach worth sharing. (Of course, you get what you pay for: sometimes interns flake, and she ends up doing the work - but she treasures the reliable ones and finds perks to keep them loyal.)

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Tess Vigeland

That's a really interesting idea, deanna -- thank you for sharing it. Who couldn't use an intern?!

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Appreciate you sharing your story, Tess. I spent about a year on the independent front and decided returning to the full-time workforce was the right choice for me at this time. And now I get to work with you! Not everyone has the option to pick the timing for their launch. Look forward to hearing more about what you've learned in the process.

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