March On Washington 50 Years Later: Do We Have Jobs And Justice? [Infographic]

An infographic shows how much progress has been made in economic equality.

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 24: People arrive at the National Mall to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 'I have a Dream' speech on the National Mall on August 24, 2013 in Washington, DC. A commemorative march and a rally along the historic route followed in 1963 is led by civil rights leaders Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III. (Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images)
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Fifty years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. cemented his place in American history with his "I Have A Dream" speech. But what's less commonly known is that the address was actually an ad-libbed coda to an event billed as the "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom," a rally not just for political and racial harmony but also economic equality.

Today, an African-American shows up to work every day in the Oval Office of a White House that was built by slave labor. But how far have African-Americans come when it comes to achieving economic equality?

When the March took place on August 28, 1963, African-Americans were still being held back by segregation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics only began tracking employment data for African Americans in 1972, but studies have provided data demonstrating the economic exclusion of African-Americans throughout the early 20th Century. As the National Bureau of Economic Research has noted, just 5.5 percent of African-American men in the South were working as white-collar professionals by 1950, as compared to 29.5 percent of White men. And the vast majority of those African-American professionals were working in segregated environments as educators and preachers.

What about today? African-Americans have made major strides in education. But they are twice as likely to be unemployed as whites, just as they were in 1972, when the government began officially tracking employment data for African-Americans. And as AOL Jobs has reported, studies have shown that the financial crisis has been far harsher to African-American workers than their White counterparts. See the infographic below for more info.

Graphic by Mariya Pylayev

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Do you think maybe it the out of wedlock kids and the break down of the black family that leads to: the public education system and the high drop out rates, or the welfare system that leads the children to sell drugs or join gangs, or the poor English skills to speak as a white person make them a cracker, or poor work habits sitting at work on the cell phone looking at the customer and ignoring them????????

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I noticed there are more blacks in the NBA , weird huh? Maybe no one showed them how to work when they young????

September 10 2013 at 3:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This should not be a black and white issue. That is the real racism being pumped up by the race baiters and media. Its about jobs and equal rights for all normal citizens.

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Obama is a joke. More than ready to blow people to bits in Asia as well as letting the inner city people lose their rights to the super rich. What a disgrace !!!!!!!!!

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The infographics are in the same article as if they were supportive of one another regardless of date and footnotes and used to form to the conclusion of African-Americans have “made major strides in education”, that they are twice as likely to be unemployed, and “that the financial crisis”, which is otherwise not addressed in the article, “has been harsher to African-American workers than the White counterparts.” One could just as easily and perhaps more accurately conclude the following:
1. The statistics show that most government programs to “help” blacks have not helped them much except for helping toward increasing the numbers of those aged 25 or above who have graduated with at least a GED or from high school which today might equate to a 5th grade education before “fixed” by the government .
2. The African-American population and unemployed population as percentage of overall populations have remained relatively unchanged, but their employed population has increased 20%, their in prison population has increased 9% and their average income in 2012 for them is 70% of their white counterparts if “other” nonwhite consideration has no effect upon the statistics provided.
3. The statistics, if they were assessed under a singular set of rules on categorizing nonwhites, would be better suited for a comparison of the progress of blacks to “other non-whites, whose total population % increased ~ 1410% vs -~-15% for whites, in prison population increased 1410% vs -53% for whites and employed population increased 700% vs -10% for whites.

August 28 2013 at 5:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Not only are the statistics misinterpreted, they are of mixed baselines when races where categorized differently and are meaningless out of context:
The workforce statistics show that from 1972 to 2012 white % decreased 10%, blacks increased 20%, and “other” increased 700%. The “other” % probably includes working citizens and visitors. Total population % did not remain constant -- white % decreased by around 15% , black changed very little, and other population increased by almost 1400% according to other statistics used in this article.
The unemployment statistic, which basically represents little or no change percentage-wise for whites and black (no stat on “other”) is followed by an education line graph of questionable value without details. The graduate level is not specified (e.g., high school or GED for adults 25 or older) and, if college, neither is course of study (e.g, engineering, liberal arts). The behind bars statistic shows that from 1964 (why not 1972 when Hispanics and Latinos were lumped into the “non white”or “white” category per the statistic footnotes?) white inmate population % decreased by about half, black % increased by 9% and “other” % increased by 1415%, but does not address the associated change in total population -- white -15%? , black ~ 0%? and “other” ~ 1415% ? based on other statistics used in the article. While behind bars, a lot of inmates complete GEDs and/or other degrees, but felons typically aren't as employable commensurate with degree as those who are not felons and holding a similar degree.
The article mentions blacks were held back by segregation prior to the 1950s and into 1972 which can be amply proven, but addresses education and behind bars to 2012 using data the is too general and of questionable validity as expressed by the footnotes. “Prior to 1972, data were classified using a different “black and other races” (nonwhite) category”. “Persons whose ethnicity is identified as Hispanic or Latino may be of any race.” In other words many White Hispanics, like George Zimmerman, could have been categorized as white contributing to the % of inmates listed as white and to what degree were the same criteria and sources applied to the 1970 to 2010 education.
Continued with my next comment submission

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Insanity....Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...

Why does the majority of the black population continue to vote for a political party that, in essence, says...You cannot do as well as need need us ( the Democratic Party) to level the playing field for you. This same party every 2-4 years insults the black population by coming back to it with this same tired old line, and the promise that if you stay "on the reservation" and vote Democrat we will look after you.

A black American dares to say that he/she suceeded without a Political Party or a Big Brother Government, and he/she finds themselves being criticized by their Black counterparts as not being "down for the struggle" or "living in the big house"...all sorts of talk to diminish the individuals accomplishments. Is this jealousy, is it "misery likes company", or is this just... "shut up" or you will interfere with my "being a victim".

Insanity???... 49 years ago LBJ proposed his "Great Society"...where he declared..."Education will not only
bring children out of will give them "hours of leisure"....LBJ espousing the Democratic theme that we still hear today...."More money for more Education" ...maybe my Grandma was actually smarter than LBJ as she always fell back to her favorite..." Idle hands are the devils workshop"...

50 years later and we have a President, that in the true Democratic mold has audacity...."The Audacity of Hope"? Yes, he has his bestseller with its $1.9 Million Advance. The REAL AUDACITY though, that should be the most troubling to all Americans Black and white is the audacity to say...."I think at some point you've made enough money" Maybe Black Americans agree with this philosophy...Maybe after you get "your" $1.9 million in the bank you might say you've made enough too! If you continue to vote for "insanity" thats just what you will get!!!

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At the end of the graphs above, it states: 'To put this in perspective, 72% of the population is white, 13% are black and the remaining 15% are everyone else." So, If 72% of the population is white, 13% are black, and 15% are "other" and share of the workforce is whites hold 80% of jobs, blacks hold 12% of jobs, and "other" hold 8% of jobs, the ratio of population by "color" to worker is: White 1.1 to 1 (80 to 72); Black .92 to 1(12 to 13); Other .53 to 1(15 to 8). In other words, based on population and employment, whites hold .18 more jobs per worker than blacks (1.1 and .92 per 1 person working). It appears that percentage wise, blacks have jobs at just a slightly lower rate per person working within their "color" than whites, while the "others" rate is less than half of white workers and 58% less than black workers. While equality and bias definitely exists, if these percentages are correct, whites and blacks are working at almost the same percentage when broken down by "color". This does not explain or match the chart on unemployment, however. That might be explained by the lack of "other" in that particular comparison.
What is most striking is the difference in INCOME vs almost equal rates of graduation. Hopefully as the more recent graduates age and a higher percentage overall of black workers have degrees, this disparity will decrease and we will see more equality in pay.

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Remember Obama is not black He is a mix Just like Colen Powell is not black.
Black means your heritage came from Africa to America and worked on the
plantations. Only 3% of "black" people today came from the plantation decendents.
Where did all the others in this country come from and are taking advantage of all
the "monthly checks". and claiming discrimination. It would be great to have DNA to
test and Verify who and where for everyone. There are so many mixes today it would be
interesting. Some other countries that are dark skinned don't like being referred to as black
people when they are trying to get a job or go to college. I have friends that tell me there is
no place on the list for "other" on most list choices.

August 28 2013 at 1:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The problem with the statistics here is that they can be interpreted by a multitude of correlation, for each one a correlated factor can be implied and at least one other that would negate the implied causation. Anyone that knows statistics knows that correlation is not causation. Just because crime rate in a city and Ice cream sales go up at the same time (a correlation) doesn't mean that criminals are prone to eat more ice cream than non-criminals or that ice cream creates criminals, the underlying causal effect would more likely be as summer approaches more people are outside to enjoy the warm weather thereby increasing ice cream sales and offering the criminal element greater opportunity to commit crime. However one can always make the argument based on the numbers alone that ice cream creates criminals.

August 28 2013 at 1:27 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

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