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I think this restaurant owner is awesome and obviously cares about his employees. We do not have a Boloco in my state, but if we did, my teenage daughter would be working for this company and I would be a regular customer. Someone who treats their workers like humans is a restaurant that I would be a proud patron of.

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I have never heard of this fast food company, but it sounds like the CEO has the right idea. You get what you pay for. If you want quality employees then you need to pay better wages and provide incentives. Sounds like a great company to work for and I applaud Mr. Pepper for showing the big fast food chains who make millions of dollars off of consumers that fair wages and job incentives can be done and still make a profit.

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I like this guy's attitude and scruples!

He's OK in my book! Carry on ... and expand!

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Never heard of this company, but this man has the RIGHT idea. Treat people like people and not under-appreciated slaves like the "big names" do.

These fast food conglomerates make millions upon millions of dollars a year. They wouldnt miss any of it by paying workers REAL wages for that kind of stress and hard work. Yes, food, along with retail is a HIGH STRESS environment, and people should get paid for it. Other jobs out there get stress pay and danger pay, why not ALL jobs?

Fast food and retail places also "nickel and dime" you to death with so-called "raises". A raise is at least $1.00 per hour, NOT 5 cents per hour!!! Thats an INSULT, not a RAISE!

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I guess I\'ll re`read or read the rest or over again once I finish my OPINION !?! ... which is: BECAUSE THEY ARE A PART OF A TEAM OF WORKERS AT ANYGIVEN TIME THAT FAST FOOD WORKERS work !\"?\"! ... Now if they follow the correct training they\'d been given !?! & is enjoying working for or under the people they work for or with !?! Just might make business run more pleasantly !?! \" PIZZA IS INDEED A MOST AMAZING DISH/FOOD/STUFF\" in >My< opinion.~ !!! ;-[} .,.r\"R\"r .,.

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I had the utmost pleasure of working for this company back when I was in college in Boston. It honestly was the best and I enjoyed every minute of it. The best part of Boloco was the interaction between workers and the big bosses, everyone was so much fun and laid back. When I had to choose between being an RA or working a part time job (we could not do both) Boloco helped me make sure I kept both. :) Boloco was my second family and I miss them so much. Thank Mr. Pepper for all that you have done. Words cannot describe how thankful I am. Now please, allow me to open one in Jersey for you!!

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Timothy Carignan

And if minimum wage gets raised to $17... suddenly these people make minimum wage. No quicker way to hurt these hard-working people than to raise the minimum wage. Happens every time they do it - quick political points, a long struggle to regain their progress.

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I agree raise the minimum and next thing you know there's a whole new "class" of working poor. Everytime they've raised the minimum I've lost income because I own my own business and the prices go up...costs go up but I don't pass that on to my customers because I'm in a fixed pricing business. People don't realize we're living in a capitalist economy....but then again people forget that China is communist country...yet we support them more than we do our own country. People's way of thinking in this country are so out of whack it's not even funny.

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The Japanese have been doing this for decades. Wake up America!

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Open some stores down here in Florida, Bucky...

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Hey Mz.Munoz

Says chipotle pays 8.36 an hr.....We've never seen 8.36 an hr at the chipotle i work at...

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