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I work at a big chain pizza company and unless you ask for a specific deal , a large one item pizza for 6.50 we will charge tou the full price which can be as much as 14 dollars, research pizza deals before ordering or you will be charged FULL PRICE!

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Why don't they donate those books and take it off their taxes? DAs...

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Not sure if this was mentioned in an earlier post, but when I worked in a retail store (apparel, shoes, handbags, crafts, etc) , I was told they are forced to destroy the merch rather than to donate it, because there are the "bad guys" (who ALWAYS ruin it for the good guys) who "sell" the discarded stuff, instead of just being grateful that they got their hands on something that they or someone else less fortunate, can use....Tsk.. Tsk

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Blanton, Sr

I have an issue with the "funeral parlor" story. I have been a licensed embalmer/funeral director since 1977. Embalming laws vary from State to State but largely embalming is only required if there is no disposition (burial, cremation, refrigeration) of the body within 24 to 72 hours. Embalming, as we know it today, is not intended to preserve a dead human body, but to disinfect and sanitize for public health reasons. Embalming today is more about presenting a grieving family with a warm lasting "memory picture" of their loved one. A competent, properly trained, contentious embalmer who has the restorative arts skill can work "magic" in restoring victims of traumatic deaths to a pre-traumatic state for that final viewing. The science of embalming and the art of restoration is being lost due to unscrupulous embalmers that do not take their work seriously, make fun of those entrusted to them and post silly comments about the funeral industry on social networks. I am proud to be an embalmer and have comforted many families, including my own, through the years.

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Walmart , takes its clothes thats are marked down and dumps them in the trash when they dont sell after awhile , when they could just give them to a shelter in need .....

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In federal civilian agencies, higher ups refuse to discipline, they pick only on those employees who have no clout, like a few employed Asians. They tolerate laziness, incompetence, and even fraud (higher ups do not want investigations of their offices), so what they do they treat inside fraud as mere mistakes. Rarely a fraud is investigated unless they get a tip from outside. Just look at the billions of overpayments and "mistakes" federal civilian agencies have.

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As far as the Funeral story goes, Embalming is not necessary if the body is going to be cremated and not laid out for a few days. Two other little known facts, You can Rent a Coffin for the funeral services and also a throw away liner that is cremated along with the body.

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Morey Soffo

I'm not writing to defend UPS, but rather the employees. I work in the Air Cargo division at UPS' second-largest air-hub (RFD). I know that I and my fellow Teamsters try very hard not to damage anyone's property. Sometimes things do happen and we really feel terrible when it does. My only "drop" during my (so-far) eight yrs with UPS was over two years ago: a specialty toilet from Japan to Canada fell off my forks. I know someone special-ordered three of them and I was really sorry for the loss. It meant that someone's construction project was delayed. I and my co-workers really do watch package labels, orientation arrows, "fragile" "do not stack" "do not top load" and all the other directions a package can carry, and when we see someone missing something, we tell them and then we correct it. We aren't monkeys tossing tires at the zoo. I had a scare last night when I picked up a package and felt something oily leaking on me. I sat the package down, left the area and told a supervisor, then went to wash and be checked for rash or burns while the chemical was examined by a response team. Someone just had to ship an open bottle of Wishbone Russian Dressing for some reason. Hey, we'll gladly let you pay to ship something that can be gotten locally (in this case, it was being sent from Libertyville, IL to Des Moines, IA) but you really should: a) make sure the cap is one and b) label the package. Maybe JamesW89 behind the counter in a UPStore doesn't care but the majority of us do. Maybe JamesW89 is a FedEx troll.

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The one about funeral parlors may be BS in a large percentage of the cases. I knew this and most funeral directors will tell you this when you discuss the burial program. Don't believe everything you read and especailly on the Internet. Go ask the Manager or owner of a funeral parlor. They will normally tell you up front. As for pushing for the embalming, that is business. However, if the job is not performed, it could mean the place could lose their license if they have been paid to do the job. As stated, in my state, if there will be an open casket, or the body will be shipped out of state, it must be embalmed. Ask your local Funeral Director.

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