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When it comes to good eats the old fashion diners are superior. Fast food has become crap food. The faster they try to serve up their product the lousier it tastes.

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Wish I had more in and out at my house. Oh the wife came in behind me. Im sorry for that remark. She just told me Im on minimum s** with no raises. But to get back to this $ 15. an hour dbl. the pay. Way to much. Companies couldnt aford that. Im at $ 8.00 an hour but I wish I could make about $10. Minimum wage has been going up quick lately because thats the only jobs out there anymore. The corps want to make all the money not give it to the people. They say if you dont like it quit and they will just get somebody else. Were doing ok but of course like to do better. Our mobile home and truck is great. And yes I am a red neck. Have all the animals I want. They just show up outside. And my hat is just broken in after a year. Oh well see ya

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Braun Cattle

Braun cattle I guess the moral of my story about two trips to town , two blunders is, you get what you pay for, workers who do not get paid enough to value their jobs,

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Braun Cattle

Braun Cattle Taco Bell came and left the small Town in Tx, where I live. We have a McDonalds ordered Mc Rib sandwiches, available only in OctoberI I went thru the drive- in window, drove five miles to my home,, both times I had hamburgers Needless to say, I haven"t had a Mc Rib sandwich in eleven yrs Once burned twice shy.

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In n Out pays the highest, has mostly American high schoolers working there, has the best food, and is not even slightly expensive. So it can be done the right way.

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Yeah fast food joints are not only poisoning American to death, they were designed to work kids is very unsafe conditions, Now that our economy stagnated, because corporations are not investing, these places are being manned by single women with young children. Many of whom because of the stinginess of some states do not qualify for medicaid or food stamps and work for minimum wages.

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Fast food restaurants were never meant to be a \"Career opportunity\", except for the owners and some managers. This is an \"entry level\" job, mostly reserved for teens and retired people who need to suppliment Social Security. If the restaurants sucumb to these demands for $15.00 an hour wages, there will be more \"career\" fast food workers, who are too lazy to go find a \"real\" job. If that happens, the entry level jobs will \"dry up\", so teens will not be able to get that first \"job experience\" which TEACHES them the value of a dollar, responsibility, ethics, punctuality and other traits they will need to get that BETTER job.

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This just in....don't get a job at a fast food place. Let the high schoolers have it.

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These fast-food jobs are for high school kids to pick up gas money and small change. Black youth unemployment is 26%...and they need these jobs that are being taken away by illegals, who are trying to raise a family on teenage pay..!

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I wish In and Out were in Georgia. I llived in Modesto, California for 8 years and loved their burgers. I have been all over this country east to west and north to south and by far In and Out has the best burgers anywhere. They are even better than burgers at high priced restaurants.

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I\'m from Southern California, and you are 100% correct. In & Out makes GREAT Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, great French Fries, Milk Shakes and soft drinks.....and THAT\'S ALL. All these other FF restaurants have diversified so much that half their food is terrible and the other half has so many calories and sodium that it makes you unhealthy if you eat too much. I wish In & Out would branch out to central Florida. Mouth watering for a Double, double with cheese and grilled onions...Mmmmmmmm.

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