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This has nothing to do with people being "off their medication". I firmly believe it has everything to do with the sheer frustration patients are experiencing. Nurses and office people are hardened, even cold towards those who are truly suffering. I have a friend who checked HERSELF in for feeling suicidal but they treated her like a drug addict, since most of their clients were drug addicts, so they mindlessly reverted to a "tough love" stance, which meant putting a woman suffering from Aplastic Anemia and a very depressed immune system (she was suicidal because she's been fighting this fatal illness for so long w/ very ilttle help) in a freezing cold room on a metal stretcher w/ no blankets, to "teach her a lesson" about being a drug user - even though she wasn't one. She BEGGED them to read her chart and they simply did not. She begged them to call her hemotologist. They refused. She never should have sought help because they almost killed her. Even the slightest rough handling causes bleeding w/ aplastic anemia - she doesn't have nearly enough platelets or red blood cells and has to be on oxygen. They took away her oxygen, saying she just wanted it for "attention". All this without reading her chart. I've been bullied by doctors and nurses, too. Then they mess up your prescriptions and it's up to you to try to get it sorted out - no help from anyone in the medical field. And for all this, those of us with severe illnesses are paying as much as 900/month for these "services". Many people are in the medical field ONLY for the stability or money it brings them. They have no interest in healing or helping other human beings. Many are from cultures where sick people are just done away with, not comforted or pampered, and they see sickness as a sign of "weakness", as if the patient willed themselves to be sick. This attitude brings on a feeling of helpless fear, which in many people can turn to rage, especially when they feel their very survival may be at stake. Add to this the noise, the constantly being awakened at night leading to long term sleep deprivation in hospitals, the pain...the hospital is not a place to heal. Why must everyone talk at the top of their lungs at 3am? The nurses are the worst. You're trying to sleep and they're gossiping right outside your doorway. Then the flourescent lights are known to be an irritant. I can see why people snap. They can't get the attention of those who are supposed to be helping them, they can't get them to read the CHART, they are brutalized by people who've never done a procedure, using them for practice, they are sleep deprived, pain is not handled properly so they're in pain... And then the medical system blames the patient for the outcome of being upset! They are drunk on their power. I had a nurse tell me not to make any complaints about how my grandfather was being treated because "he's 92, he's going to die anyway" WHAT? We transfered him out of that place and now he's 98 and very active.

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It is NOT people being on or off medication. I work in healthcare and it is more an acceptance thing. People think (or hope) they can boss their disease around. Denial and fear lead to behaviors such as violence or crying or gut problems etc. Don't fool yourself about this.

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