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I was fired today for checking my work email from home - so much for being out sick and caring about my job and wanting to stay on top of things

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John U.

What else should an employer do if staff members are checking email from home? They are forced to pay you for those hours. The only way they can prevent being sued by staff for checking their email from home and wanting pay is to implement policy to prevent it from happening at all, or punish staff when it does. It stinks.

We are about to start dealing with this at my job. We are switching to a new email service that is very difficult to prevent staff from checking from the outside. We don't want them to and have told them not to, but they can still check it and if they do, we are obligated to pay them for it, even though they were specifically told not to check it. Only option is to implement strict policies against checking email outside of scheduled work hours.

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of course that was prior to Walmart and McDonald's crappola -- yep I've been in the workplace since 1966 when I was paid $1.75/hour right outta high school -- no benefits either--the CPA sometimes took me to lunch with her and she bought me 2 sweaters and 2 skirts after I had worked for her a few months--she was very kind to a young woman right out of high school--I was delighted to go to work full time for the old Pacific Bell at $60.50 per week with health insurance and discount on my local phone service.

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one associate wanted me to work off the clock "because it takes too long for you to log in' -- I informed her politely I do not work off the clock ever -- sure enough the 'quick' task took her 90 minutes with the frigging 'revisions' she wanted. And when my IT guy working on my home laptop loaded the software to read emails from home on my personal computer I told him no way I'm ever checking office emails from my apt --so take that crap software off my computer right now. No pennies no work for this gal--an insurance man told me that the three cheapest groups purchasing benefits for their staff, attorneys, doctors and accountants.

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