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Wow, where are the moronic comments from anti-worker, anti-union, pro-fascism Koch Brothers-worshipping baggers talking about how this is good for America? Have even the idiotic trailer park Republican baggers determined that masturbating to pictures of Walmart executives isn't how they want to spend every waking moment of their lives any more? Or do Koch Brothers just not pay bagger monkeys to type pro-corporatism/anti-worker gibberish on Sunday nights?

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Tim Horton

Well, this is new news. What do these large corporations think? Do any of them really believe this is a good thing? Wal-Mart and many, many large and small corporations have been doing this for over a decade. This is not new news just more of the common way of doing business. Purchase and resale of off-shore goods is at an all time high and continues to grow. Or even worse, some of these companies manufacture goods outside of the USA to pay even worse compensation to really, really desperate counties. I read some of the other comments and I did see one positive comment. The positive comment came from someone that hopes he sees lower prices to save more money and he also thinks this strategy will work well in his own business. It is this type of thinking that will eventually end up with God turning His back on a nation He blessed. I know, there will be a bunch of angry comments about bringing up God and that is ok, fools have free will to. Are actions like this company and a bunch of other large companies taking, in the name of improvement, caring about do as you would have it done unto yourself? No and this is nothing to wink at. Everyone that cares at all should be speaking up. The legal covering of corporations keeps these greedy folks from personally being exposed so maybe the only way to let companies like Wal-Mart know that their moral standards have hit bottom and their responsibility to be fair to their fellow man can be changed. How? Very simple my friends. Buy nothing that is not made in America and if the same products are available from your smaller local businesses, spend the extra pennies, and yes sometimes dollars, with them. Companies like Wal-Mart and even Starbucks come blazing into a community and build to many stores and facilities without any regard for the community the damage. Then, if volume is too low they simply close facilities and at times leave gigantic buildings and parking lots littering a community. These companies get huge benefits from city and county and even state governments in the name of job creation but its all lies. There is absolutely no way that with proper management that these companies cannot manage employees and profit margins better without using the temporary tactic of profit by greed. I am sorry but these types of manipulation of people looks like legal slavery to me. No matter what, justice will be served.

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America built Wal-Mart. When we notice the exploitation, unethical practices, disregard for law, and general dishonesty at Wal-Mart, we are looking into our mirror of capitalism.

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Walmart will just hire people to work 29.9 hours, thay way they don\'t have to pay health insurance, saving even more for themselves, like if that company did\'nt already have enough, how greedy can they get.

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Americans are selling their souls for low prices. You won't catch me setting foot in there.

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They only want people who have no brains. Zombies will work for free. :D

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walmart isnt the only retail store company doing this. and other businesses are now hiring temps and paying them less than the full timers. not happy about whats going on at all.

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1 reply to freekmeout's comment

This is all result of Obama and Obamacare.....

IF no one believes this, then watch and see what happens in 2014. Hitler has to be voted out of office.

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If it means they'll have more than 3 registers open on a Friday evening, I'm all for it.

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If you hire temps you don't have to give any benefits.

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