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My greatest advantage is a "disadvantage" I re-write/tweak my resume for every job applied to, so I'll get the call-back. Most employers are impressed with my background and interveiw me immediately - then I'm suddendly "over-qualified?"
I have no problem getting interviews/phone screens because all of the "buzz words" are on my (posted) resume. So, it's okay to "overload" your online resume, because, once a recruiter calls you, they're going to ask for a "Word" version of your resume, that should be to the point, devoid of the things that won't matter to the position, but the keywords that do... if they say "escalated" change "mitigated" to "escalated" so it matches what they're looking for.

So why am I overqualified"
Becuase I "AM" all that my resume says, it's not fudged... And the "numnuts" sitting across from me are intimidated... They want to hire a mediocre buddy, not someone who's truly qualified no matter how personable I try to be, and insisting upon only wanting to be a part of the "team"
Trust me - Todays' Corporate Words - does NOT want qualified people, they want modable one's.
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OK, as someone who used to do hiring and training. I want to know what numnut screwed the hiring system up. I see companies running the ads over and over. Its because the system they are using is worthless. They hire you by key words on an app, without using the human formula of face to face. Its no wonder most are getting crappy employees. I'll just work for myself. To many numnuts trying and failing with this new way of hiring. Good Luck.

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So now we are not only trying to find a job, but we are actually doing the job of the god damn HR people?

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My key word is I JUST WANT A JOB.

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