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Rob Dinsmore

In My experience the weight gain does not come from sitting and consuming sugar, its the long hours, lousy food and not getting to the gym.

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Laura Dew

Thank you for a thoughtful list. My sister is a thin RN, but she has been appalled by the amount of obese nurses she sees. I work two jobs in sales that require mostly standing, and all day I have to fight food temptations, i.e., delicious taffy at the trade center and stuffed chicken breasts at my favorite diner.

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you left out truck driving... hours on end without even getting up

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uhhm, what about law enforcement and correctional officers? I'm sorry but I don't see where people like teachers get off claiming they have the most stressful profession. They arent placed in life threatening situations every day and/or forced to babysit 400 inmates for an entire 8 hour shift IF you are lucky, since most of the time we have to pull doubles (16 hour shifts) atleast a couple times a week. The piss poor scheduling and stress leads to overeating/comfort eatting and eating on the go whatever is fastest and you can chug down, usually sugary sodas or energy drinks and crap foods.

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What about a minister whose members of his/her congregation is always pushing food in their face. They get offended if you don't "just taste" their food (usually horrible concocations)??? I believe in Nancy Regan's motto. Just Say NO!!!

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im a production worker....but i stand on my feet for 8 hours a day....there are no sit down jobs in the shop i work for

June 01 2013 at 8:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Glad that we don't have these jobs in America anymore. People will be happy to hear that they will not get fat as all or most of these jobs have been sent overseas.

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1 reply to hman570's comment

Too much of anything will make you fat. With the exception of exercise, of course... People just don't move as much as they used to. They eat too much. They eat the wrong things. Extra weight happens with age because the body metabolism changes. Menopause can cause weight gain due to hormonal changes. It is the bane of people's existence.....getting fat and struggling not to. What a deal, eh?? AND in the end, we have the" experts" telling us what to do and not to do. LIKE WE DIDN"T ALREADY KNOW.?

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