Dream Job Or Nightmare? Mattress Chain Seeks 'Self-Motivated Sleeper'

office worker asleep at his desk
In most workplaces, napping co-workers are viewed as slackers. But what if you actually got paid to snooze in your pajamas? -- on a comfy mattress and dim lights?
That's the new job opening being advertised at Sleepy's. The mattress chain sent out a news release, claiming that it's looking to hire a "Snooze Director." But it seemed to be written firmly tongue-in-cheek. Candidates, it said, should be a "self-motivated sleeper with excellent slumber skills" to test out various mattresses, then blog and tweet about sleep trends and positions. The position also requires social media savvy and, the release notes, "at least 18 years of sleeping experience."

The job comes with a paycheck, just not a very big one. The position pays $10 an hour -- and no benefits, a spokesperson said.

Mattresses at Sleepy's range from $119.99 to a staggering $5,198. The chain, which has 800 stores along the East Coast, has been criticized for heavy-handed sales tactics. In 2007, it agreed to pay $200,000 in fines after the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs investigated it for "deceptive sales tactics," which included charging delivery fees to customers for an exchange of defective mattresses. Glassdoor.com, the employee review site, also was filled with negative comments from people who claim to have worked at the company. "They run it like a used car dealership," one wrote. Out of all the reviews, 66 percent said that they would recommend this employer to friends.

The "Snooze Director" position was first created in 2011; when it was advertised back then, it got 200 applications -- and helped boost its social media presence. But Sleepy's is far from the first employer to post a quirky job ad to generate some free publicity. One recent example: A British-based chain of vacation resorts made the news in January when it advertised for a "slide tester" at its water parks around the world.

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Wake me when its time to go to work.

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I sied my boss for firing me on the job and I won----I told him I was praying. He could not prove I wasn't.

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I could work partime afternoons. I like to take a nap abut 2

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