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Why is this such a shock????? I know, because Obama and the talking heads on MSNBC and all the other suck up channels said so. What else can you expect when people out of the blue were asked-----What do you think about Obama appointing Judge Judy to the SCOTUS and they all thought it was a wonderful idea. This is why our country is going to the dogs.

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I was making $25,000 in the mid 1980\'s when Healthcare was a $10 a week deduction look at the present economy and healthcare costs. Other costs like gas and auto insurance have doubled or trippled even though we are making less or making nothing!

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People have more faith in the lottery than they have in Casinos or the job market. Healthcare is over priced in a low wage job market.

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U-3 was 9.0% March and U-6 was 15.7 in NJ April the U-3 dropped to 8.7%. The closer you get to the gov election the faster it drops.

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When you get the unemployment report, you are getting the U3 number. There are six of them; U1 to U6. U3 only counts the number of people currently receiving unemployment benefits. The REAL number of people that are unemployed or underemployed is 13.9%. THAT is the REAL unemployment number.

Mr./Ms/ boowah... The last Republican administration and the current Democrat administration both did and are borrowing money that we'll never be able to pay back. Remember Greece and the riots that it had when their country went economically belly-up? Look for that in OUR future. We have almost 90 Trillion (yes trillion) dollars in unfunded mandates coming up in the next few decades. This country is already bankrupt, it just doesn't know it yet.

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Not surprising...the economy is stuck in neutral...too many job-crushing regulations and costs to small businesses, especially the trojan horse called Obamacare that goes into full effect next January...blame who you will, but this kind of jobless recovery IS the new normal.

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There isn\'t going to be affordable Healthcare insurance for millions of low wage part timers and full timers or the unemployed especially older people over 50. Without Charity Care millions wil be even worse off than they are now.

College grads will be joining the job hunt an the numbers of employed will be manipulated while the revenues keep dropping so Healthcare isn\'t going to improve or be available to millions of people. The hospitals/clinics will slash 100\'s of thousands of workers because the money won\'t be coming in!

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Companies often freeze hiring when unemployment reaches 5.5% so what good is it aiming for 6% or 6.5% Retail is paying crap and only giving workers less than 35 hours which can save no one. Our careers were outsourced leaving older workers up the creek. Try unloading trucks or pulling pallets in your 50\'s what a joke.

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Call it what it is.....Republican Austerity! They caused it by refusing to raise the debt ceiling! They'll cause even more damage in October by refusing tom raise it again. More austerity?

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Add the almost 4 MILLION unemployed that are no longer included in these numbers and unemployment is OVER 20% in most areas. And in areas like Detroit nearing 50%. I see more small businesses closing ( many like a local hardware store had been in business for over 70 years ) and now Household bank laying off another 14,000. Keep buying the liberal/socialist BS that things are getting better

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No, it is not over 20%. That number has come down too. Besides, most of the people who have "stopped" looking are baby boomers who are taking social security. It is called retirement. But it is more fun for the republicans to dream up numbers to try to make Obama look worse for the problem they created. Now of course they will not move on sequester and will cause more unemployment and still blame Obama.

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Obama, where is all the new jobs you have created?? Oh, I forgot, all the new jobs are with the IRS targeting American workers.

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A few weeks ago HEADLINES "unemploymet claims at lowest level..."
I imagine this bitter pill will be buried in the want ads.
Hard to believe these are the same probama types that are now outraged the AP phones were tapped.
Poetic Justice

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