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I have been with a temp agency that sent me on a 6 wk's 6 months later. After I did everything they asked and even worked in 2 depts for the past 2 months, I was just told I have 2 weeks left. The agency didn't even have the balls to tell me! The company did. For whatever reason, they decided not to keep me, and obviously if I was doing such an awful job, they wouldn't have kept me this long.

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I worked as a temp and I can tell you it was not a good experience. I was let go after being promised a full-time position with the company. When I was let go the temp office offered me 1 day jobs! When I told them that I was looking for perm full-time work they told unemployment that I did not want to work as a result I lost my benefits and was forced to pay back the money I got from unemployment. Getting a temp job is not a smart move if a company does not want to hire you there is no point in beating around the bush for 3 to 6 months in the hopes of one day getting hired. Trust me that day will never happen and if it does you will be low balled with pay and benefits.

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It's a great way to avoid paying any benefits.

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Best advice. Treat temp jobs for what they are, temp jobs because they will treat you for what you are, a temp employee. Dont buy into the hype they will try to sell you from the company or from the temp agency. I mean, look at the article alone, it's written by a temp agency.

All the myths this article attempts to put to rest are not myths. Some of them are 100% true. Temp work may be good to get back into the work force and if all you can seem to find is part time work. But the truth is you are underpaid. Basically the employer would rather pay you a low salary and send several dollars per every hour of your service to the temp agency to avoid ever having to give you official full time employment and thus any kind of benefits/retirement plan.

You also have no rights as a worker and can be fired, transferred, moved...whatever at a whim with absolutely no reason or prior notice.

I've also seen cases where upon being offered full time employment through temping they've asked you to take pay cuts despite the fact that they'll be saving several dollars an hour no longer paying the temp service. This will be done via an excuse that their lowest of the low benefits package costs and bla bla bla. The same speech every employer gives.

This also means that they easily can, and will replace you with another temp if it is cost effective later.

As for the temp agency, you're treated like once they found you a job their job is over. It doesn't matter if the job is treating you like garbage, not living up to their employment agreement, or any number of issues that pop up. The temp agency basically files your name away as "job well done" simply because you are working, even if you call them repeatedly to leave for another opportunity. If you quit, the agency itself will get severely annoyed and basically get nasty with you resulting in a negative reference on your resume even if through no fault of your own.

I've also come into a company as a temp to find out I got paid more than an employee that was there several years to do the same job which results in a lot of bad blood between full time employees and temp workers. You can tell these employers easily when they make such a huge deal not to discuss salaries with your fellow employees. They know they're doing their employees dirty, and expect you to be accomplice to it.

I have tempted from office work, to manual labor, to warehouses and have even had jobs lay me off days prior to receiving incentives like perfect attendance they will sometimes offer to "make up" for the low pay.

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vrhpatricia, I'm glad to hear your experience. I am considering temping because I need to get back to work and have accepted part time positions for some time. Many people have recommended temping because it can lead to a good full time position.

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In the past, I've done temp work, and some people have a negative view of temporary workers. But there are advantages to temping. One is obvious, it keeps you working and gets a paycheck. It can offer good experience, and can sometimes lead to a permanent job offer. I got experience from temping that I was able to put on a resume, and one temp assignment that I had lead to a permanent job offer.

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I meant to write "led" instead of "lead." LOL

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