Fortune 500: 10 Best Companies To Work For In 2013

Man reaching out to shake handsOn Monday, Fortune magazine released the Fortune 500, its annual ranking of the 500 wealthiest publicly traded U.S. companies. You can learn a lot from the businesses that dominate the list, like the fact that America loves oil, credit cards, and cars. But for your average job-seeking American, there's an important detail missing: Which of these companies would you actually want to work for?

So Fortune magazine looked at which of the Fortune 500 also appeared on their best-companies-to-work-for list this year, which takes into account factors such as work-life balance, training, pay and turnover. So if you like the stability, benefits and opportunities offered by extremely rich corporations, but don't like the bureaucracy, invisibility or slow-pace that sometimes dog them, check out Fortune's top picks below.

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