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I just added this onto our website regarding summer jobs from one of our newer customers- Check it out-
" I just want to let you know how our first adventure in the Italian Ices business went. Well, we were asked to shown up at a Relay for Life event in Lincolnton, NC on a Friday afternoon. The event started at 6p.m. with the expectation of the vendors setting up no later than 5p.m. Since this was our first event, we took more than we thought we would need (cups, spoons, napkins, Ice etc.). The setup went very smooth even though I was very nervous. I had purchased the ice cream bag Anthony displayed in his video and let me tell you, that thing kept my extra cans of ice cold and in excellent state all evening. People loved the fact that I wore gloves and cleaned my flat surfaces constantly. They loved the free samples even more.
The night was a constant scooping extravaganza. The lines were not terribly long, but they sure were steady (I actually scoop a blister onto my index finger). We did very well (almost breaking $1000) for the five hours we scooped even though there was a “soft ice cream” vendor three sections down. Everyone raved about the smooth texture and sweet flavor of the ice. The flavor was just right…not too sweet or overpowering. We were asked to come back next year.
We have a boat show to do this Saturday (saw them setting up the signage and dropped off a card) that will include four live bands, and various recreations. We also have a huge 2-day festival to do the week after. I just want to say that I am thrilled to be a part of Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices. Thank you for a great product!"

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What bunk is this? A pharmacy technician has to be licensed in my state, which means someone with a high school diploma and 2 years training, NOT a teenage yahoo who hasn't even graduated yet. In which state don't you have to be licensed? I'll move there and start working ASAP.

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Man what a bad article! I thought the title of the article "BEST paying summer jobs". With ZERO experience, but a lot of hard work I made $300 per days six days a week during the summer. We used to laugh and make fun of the "life guards". Me and 3,200 other college age kids sold books door-to-door and paid out entire college expenses w/o government hand-outs. Life guard, wow.

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1 reply to Dan's comment

I commend you on your hard work and determination but I question your humility. It is apparent you did well from your statements but also remember you are the exception, not the rule. My oldest daughter worked as a life guard for two summers during high school and she did it because a near drowning experience of a friend motivated her to do so. She is a Golden Guard recipient. Life achievements are just as valuable as the dollars you make.

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toll booth attendant should be in there :) that's what i did for a few years and it was eeeassyyy

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Caddy at a private golf club. Literally can make 10-15 grand in a summer at 18 years old if you're good.

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Was paid $2 an hour back in the 70s as a lifeguard. Incredibly boring job. And had a horrendous case of skin poisoning. All that sun did a lot of damage to my skin and it's showing it now. If I was a kid I would be heading to a restaurant. Serving is fun and easy and very profitable.

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what kind of joke is this...the 8 best paying jobs for the summer? and the 8 worst pay about 20 cents less???

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I was a life guard at 12 y/o . hung out at the city pool all the time . and all the cuties were there in their itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini . life was good.

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My daughter was a great lifeguard, my son and you would be best friends. He got caught kissing three different girls on the same day during duty and was promptly fired. He deserved it but thought it was worth it.

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Lifeguard on an oceanfront beach is probably the best job you will ever have in your life. Beach, sun, ocean all day every day. Are you kiddin'. Doesn't get any better than that.

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I tell my kids that being a lifeguard is the worst job you could possibly get. Inevitably you have to pay for training ( usually over $150) out of pocket and on your own time without pay. Then the guy who collects money at the pool entrance or picking up trash on the beach gets the same pay you do, but never had to go to or pay for training. You pay out of pocket for the required bathing suit, sunscreen and special sun glasses or suffer skin and eye damage later in life like I am now. Finally lots of guys get into it because they think they'll be looking at good looking people all day long. Forget about this, it's usually very unattractive and out of shape people.

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