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Other things to bear in mind? Make sure you sound enthusiastic, the sort of person they want on the team. Pace yourself, a good interviewer knows you may need a little time to compose a good response, so do take time to think about answers. Be aware that they may be pushing you to answer as part of their interview technique. Listen carefully and if you don't fully understand the question, ask for clarification. Don't allow yourself to become flustered, especially if some of the questions seem either irrelevant or overly-specific. And remember the interviewer may need some time to make notes between questions so don't worry unduly about short silences, be patient.

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Who does phone interviews? Guess I've never been high enough on the totem poll for a job like that.

April 26 2013 at 3:34 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Blah blah blah UGH so glad I don't have to deal with this BULLSHIT anymore

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Phone interviews are usually BS, not serious. Never got a single job offer from any of them. You are basically in a cattle call role and the person doing the interview could care less if you are hired or not.

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When you write a column like this you should try to add value. There was nothing here that hasn't been in dozens of similar columns for the past 10 years.

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Burt Ward

I have the best response to this article. Its a doozy. You'll love it. It really happened and I'm not embellishing a single thing. I work in the broadcast media trade in engineering. I was looking to better my position and had put out some resumes. I was on a road trip with a good friend while on the way to a weekend vacation. I can still remember exactly where I was when the call came in. It was a corporate recruiter who wanted to set up a phone interview for another time. I made sure I had the right day and time that they would call me back. I was upstairs in my bedroom as I thought I could be more relaxed. The call came in and it was a conference call with three people. The company was Harris, the huge communications equipment manufacturer. It started ok as they wanted to know who I was and what I could do. They got specific by stating that I could work in a choice of many states where they had operations. It started getting a bit confusing when they said, “We also may have you set up the live events such as pay per view events.” I thought, well, didn’t know Harris was into that but I would sure love to do it. Then they asked me about my criminal past. Well, thought it was a bit intrusive but I assured them I was clean. They asked if I wanted to train in Vegas and then work in Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Atlantic City, etc. I said it would be fine. Then they asked if I had any gambling problems. I replied, “Well, not sure why Harris is worried about that, but no, I didn’t gamble except on visits to NAB.” Then she asks, “Do you have any problems completing a gaming license for any state you work?” I then replied, “Well, not sure why you want that, but if you need it then sure, why not?” Then the lady said, “Well Mr. xxx, you can’t work for Harrah’s unless you have a gaming license.” I then said, “Oh, Harrahs, the casino chain.” She replied, who do you think we are? I replied, “Sorry, I thought you were Harris, the equipment company, but I would be fine doing video work for you.” The never called me back after that.

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These are great tips! I recently read this article on about interview tips and phone screening. It talked about it from the recruiter's perspective. Very interesting to say the least. Check it out.

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