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"... Let's not forget the pension ..." Yes, let's forget the pension of USG workers. They make a contribution to their TSP accounts, Social Security, and private (none of your business) accounts.

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FTA - " ... a consequence of the U.S. government's sequestration budget cuts."
I suggest an alternate version: a consequence of the Congressionally-mandated sequestration budget cuts." I believe this more accurately describes the current situation.

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Lookie...being as government employees are the new upper-middle class, they should bear a bit of furlough.

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This coming from a rabid ray-guns supporter.

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go back to school and learn a new trade, one that is needed in these times.

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A wise person once said, it's not how much you make, it's how much you spend. I've found that to be true over eighty years of living. Some would argue.

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My husband is receiving short term disability and sickness benefits. We were struggling before his disability and now the sickness benefit was reduced. I think WE need to think carefully about who is elected to governmental positions. Aren't they suppose to be working for us.

Struggling Spouse

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The Divider-in-Chief’s sequester strategy has been a flop thus far, but the president is stubbornly staying the course. This week he’s forcing flight delays on America’s busy traveling public. Won’t give me more tax hikes? Take this.

First student White House tours, now air travelers. So transparent was the White House ploy that airlines and ex-FAA officials joined Republicans in calling the president out.

Travelers can expect to see “a wide range of delays that will change throughout the day depending on staffing,” droned Obama’s FAA henchmen, creating delays of over three hours at airports from LA to Laguadia. The agency claims the sequester gives them no choice but to furlough all 47,000 agency employees – including nearly 15,000 controllers.

Nonsense. Congress has given the executive branch authority to minimize the impact of the cuts on key operation – but the president (and his Senate) has ignored it. “The FAA’s decision is a dangerous political stunt that could jeopardize the safety and security of air travelers,” says Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, suggesting the agency could save millions on unnecessary “consultants, supplies and travel.”

Delta Airlines weighted in as well as the White House played politics with its business.

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"The Divider-in-Chief’s sequester strategy ..." Get a life. Congress holds the purse strings. Learn that your cute BS name for the President of the U.S. immediately makes your post nonsensical and in the ranks of the low-informed.

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Sequestration cuts will not effect the ones that let it happen congress and senate or the president

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"They're already deciding 'I'm not going to buy a new car. I'm going to cut back on my cable bill.'" Cry Me a River!!!!" Notice how the story left out the salaries of these Government workers? Why? Cause it doesn't fit the narrative of the political agenda of Huff-Po. Here's the REAL story: #1. There were NO SPENDING CUTS, over last year. Same dollar amount spent, except, there was no increase for this year. #2. These people AREN'T starving. They are some of the most well paid, workers on the planet. They have pay and benefits that most in private industry could only dream of. They aren't leaving, en mass for better jobs. There are NO "better, private industry jobs," for most of these folks. Thanks to their leader, private industry is still feeling the results of the longest recession in U.S. history. #3. Ask for whom did they vote for President? Elections have consequences. #4. Ask..."How does it feel?"

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Notice how the story left out the salaries of these Government workers?
The article stated that " they will reduce some workers pay by as much as 12 percent a month. " This means that some will be less. A pay cut of $1,900 would be a 12% of a salary of $15,833 per month.
I hope that they can manage on the remaining $13,933. Let's not forget the pension and other costs to the taxpayer.
You were probably right, Too much information would not have generated enough sympathy.

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I agree with most of what you are saying, except for the fact we were tanking when it was Bush in office. It all didn't just start one day when Obama became Prez. So in a sense you are correct..Elections have consequences, and we are still feeling 8 years of Bush

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