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Angela J Shirley

A very nice outcome and he needs to get involved in programs that teach the young people about the lifestyle he use to have. And I hope his past does not come after him as you never know with enemies or people you wronged what they will do. I wonder if he "donates" any of his time to seniors that cannot "afford" his services?

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Another skilled businessperson getting rich. Years ago another drug lord went from prison to a well paying job because of his expertise and work ethic. And a very good resume aimed at an industry who need his skills. To bad we do not have a system of co-opting from criminal business to legitimate business. and skip prison altogether.

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see. some people can change. good for him

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@jmci77777 Your the Pathetic one!!! Sometimes people need to get off of the high horses that they are on! Just because this is a forum of expressing yourself does not make you God!! The only ones that have the right to judge people, are the courts and God, in which i am certain you are neither!!! People are not perfect and mistakes are made for various reasons in peoples lives. I cant judge you because your and idiot!!! So therefore I just hope that you do not have a child, or husband or wife that ever makes a bad decision in life because they surely will not be able to count on you for anykind of forgiveness!!!!

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God Bless This Dude!!!!, AMEN

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You did right, Thomas Mickens. You used the time spent in prison to realize your mistakes and turn your life around, which is what "rehabilitation" is all about. Now you're using your innate talents to atone for your previous misdeeds by helping seniors as well as yourself. Good for you and God bless you.

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I'm glad he is sharing his story because it is important that other people released from prison don't fall into the trap of thinking a life of crime is the best they can do upon release. This is also important for young people to see because a lot of them never think further than they can see when making life decisions. He could have gotten life, then he would not have been able to turn his life around.

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60 minutes did an interesting report on an almost all White city in the South that hired a Jewish and Black police chief. He said something in the interview I never forgot. Men for some reason, don't understand their own mortality until they hit 40 or so. So efforts at rehabilitation largely fail (not all of course) on men younger than that. Perhaps that happened here or perhaps it was just spending 28 years in prison gave him time to think. Or both. In any event, this is a great turn of events.

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