African-American Exec Accuses Fox Sports Of Race Discrimination

Jerry Davis Fox SportsJerry Davis worked at Fox Sports for 15 years, without being promoted once. He now believes that he knows why: He is African-American. Of the roughly 34 people in top management positions at Fox Sports, he says that none are black -- and, as far as he knows, no African-Americans have ever held top leadership positions in the division's 19-year history. When it comes to hiring non-whites in leadership positions, Fox Sports' track record is "abysmal," he says.

Davis -- who was let go in February 2013 -- made the allegations in a lawsuit that he filed Friday against the sports division. It was first reported by the entertainment news website, Davis, 52, is suing Fox Sports for racial and disability discrimination, and wrongful termination, among other charges. Fox Sports declined to comment.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, who also had worked in the music industry, Davis was hired by Fox Sports in 1997 and worked as a music director. According to his lawsuit, he reported to a vice president, and four times over 15 years, that position was vacant. Despite Davis' "superior education, skills and performance" as well as strong recommendations from "senior-level colleagues," he says that he was passed over every time. According to the lawsuit, the reason was because "... as a Black man, he did not fit neatly into the company's corporate culture."

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Eventually, Davis says his employer "slowly and calculatingly" cut his duties and then eliminated his position while he was on disability leave. The lawsuit doesn't specify what the disability was. Davis is seeking damages in excess of $25,000, saying he has suffered "nervousness, humiliation, depression, anguish, embarrassment, fright, shock, pain" and anxiety. The lawsuit seeks "a sum appropriate" to punish and "make an example" of Fox Sports.

This is not the first time that an ex-employee has sued a division of Fox, claiming racial discrimination. In 2010, Harmeen Jones sued Fox News for $5 million, claiming that he'd been fired after complaining of race discrimination.

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Mark Hotz

Yeah, right, sure. Maybe he didn't do a very good job, maybe Fox just kept him on all those years because they had to have a few blacks around. I don't buy his arguments for one second. Since when does any company "have" to have blacks in positions of management. Many do, but that is because those persons are highly qualified (as many blacks are). But just because this guy didn't get the raise or promotion he wanted, is not a reason to award him 1c. Period.

April 18 2013 at 2:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thank God Jerry Davis has exposed FoxNews as racist TV network. All anchors are whites. All political analysts are whites except when whites are not available they inject in Blacks. But you should remember FoxNews is immoral channel - that it hired Whites with immoral backgrounds. Can you imagine hiring Mark Sanford-ex SC gov, a guy who left his wife and state unattended! Not me. Would hire Hannity, a college dropout and KKK member or racist? Not me. Would hire Megan, Karl Rove-divorced to marry his office secretary, Dick Morris- prostitute chaser, Ingraham-hater of Blacks, Ann Coulter who wanted to be 2nd US Lady if Romney went into WH? How about Mark Foremann who lied during Simpson case? Would you hire Newt Gingrich who demanded divorce from his dying wife? Not me. How about Glenn Beck - a college drop-out -a hater of Jews and Blacks; or Mitt Romney whose Mormon Church believes Blacks are cursed descendants of Cain, the estranged Adam and Eve son. The whole TV network is sinners and racists. And you Blacks, including Dr. Carson -watch out. FoxNews will dump you once it uses you. Davis–sue FoxNews to the fullest extent. However, be careful who you have as judge. If republican appointed judge, disqualify him. They now hate Blacks more because President Obama was re-elected.

April 14 2013 at 5:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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