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I had to double check the title and saw that it said careers, because I guess it pretty much means your area of expertise. If it had said jobs then, first of all there are several kinds of jobs in just one particular career and these reasons would DEFINITELY be reasonable enough to want to leave...I'm so tired of seeing and hearing people getting taking advantage of, working too many hours for too little money. It seems like everything goes up in price and wages don't and if you say you've seen wages go up slightly then it sure is not rising as fast as everything else that is needed to live. If these reasons are not reasonable enough then what is? People at the top, CEO's, and corporations must be the ones agreeing with this article. We the people need to stand up and not settle for the schemes because if we continue on this path there will no longer be a middle class. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer. The minimum wage should be at least $10 all ready and that's with things priced the way they are now. If we raise the min wage to $10 they better not dare raise things again, because in that case raise the $10 too! You guys got me right? Anyways I'm just tired of seeing how things are going! I pray for more justice and less corruption and if our law makers won't do it who will? God bless our president for striving for the people, I just hope these other "top people" stop bickering and do what's right for everyone and not the few!

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Well said!

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What careers? I've heard of jobs----underpaid tasks. There are no careers other than emergency surgeons, orthopedics, pediatricians and State Attorneys. Do something that makes you feel like getting out of bed in the morning.

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A well thought out, intelligent article. Good advice that easily expands outside the current context.

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Sometimes you have to change because what you were doing is obsolete now.

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