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David & Patty

No one is chained to a job since the US outlawed slavery in the 1860's. If you whine about your pay or "conditions", get the hell out of there and get a job somewhere else. Why hang around protesting when you could be making a living somewhere else? To those compaliners who think they should earn more: you don't dictate your wages, go find a job you think you are so good at. If most anyone can do your job, don't expect great pay.

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Walmart is a totally UNAmerican company. My family and friends do not even put a toe in Walmart. Other big box retailers need to match walmart prices so everyone will stop going to walmart and shop other places. Especially groceries.

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i'm pretty sure when you start working at Walmart you're grateful and glad you're working and have a "it's better than nothing attitude" then you realize as the weeks go on all the time and work you put in, that eight dollars an hour or what ever the pay is, is not paying the bills and you begin to realize that it's not worth it and take it out on the customers. Anyone reading this post could you imagine trying to live on $340 a week before taxes. This store is one of the highest retail revenue generators in the world and the employees should be some the highest paid retail workers in the world.

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People want jobs not sweatshops staffed by gangsters and hoodlums.

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Bring back the draft because both young female and male managers need to learn respect of older workers.

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They allow managers to use their own policy instead of the Walmart policies in their Old Bridge New Jersey store.
I was attacked by two different people there. They hire jail birds and gang toughs that abuse the elderly workers.

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1 reply to Iselin007's comment

they do that in FL also.

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There are a lot of people waiting in line for these "unhappy" employees' jobs. I say quit and let someone else have your job that anyone can do as good as you. You want a better job with more benefits, go back to school and learn a trade or skill set that will pay more.

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Walmart doesn't care about their employees. That was represented by the comment by the company rep that made the statement to the walmart employee that if she didn't like walmart to go find a job elsewhere! That's Walmart's attitude and is apparently what they teach their management. I worked at Walmart for three and a half years and really enjoyed my job. It was different from construction work but I still had to work and that's what I liked about it. When you stay busy, time passes quick. I busted my rear at my job of which had three of us in the department when I started but only me during the last eight months I was there. During this time, management tried writing me up for poor job performance twice, the first being dropped by the store co-manager because he knew me and how hard I worked. The next and final time, I got tired of constantly feeling like I had to justify my work. Management expected me to do the work of three people because of cutting labor cost of the other two that it takes to get the job done. That's poor management on Walmarts part and they should be repremanded for it. I quit for this reason and they haven't had anyone that could do the workload I did since I left. They run off their best help because they don't care to hear the problem about poor management.

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1 reply to Jim's comment

They don't even lnow whatgoes on because some of the co managers are crooks that lie and abuse workers for personal gain. Walmart often lets these crooks get away with violating their own policy.

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If you are working under a contract, walking off the job may be illegal -- if you're not, it isn't illegal. 'Course walking off the job is grounds for termination of employment -- that's not just a "threat", that life. Even in the case of union authorized strikes a business will usually hire replacements to fill in ... but at least they have the advantage of being "all the workers" with experience. In this case, those that walk off the job could simply be replaced. There are protections against threats for trying to organize, but you still have to do the job while you're at it.

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My rsponse to frankdlu . .. .come on Frank! Don't you realize that when you treat your employess like Walmart does, that you have disgruntled and unhappy employees. That's why they don't care how they, the employees, treat people and render lousy service. If the treatment of the employees was more than stellar, they would be happy to give great customer service, not mediocre, miserableness. Remember one thing, successful companies are successful because they treat their employees they way they would want to be treated!!!!! ENOUGH SAID!!!!

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1 reply to rippoliti112's comment

the last time I checked Walmart is successful

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